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Hoorneboegse Heide

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Nikita Twaalfhoven 29.02.08 Biology One World IS4a The Hei The Hoorneboegse Heide, also known as the Hei, is owned by the Gooise Natuurreservaat (GNR), a caretaker for all of the wildlife in t' Gooi. The GNR owns 27 km� of heather and bush land, where walking and riding paths swerve through these hilly areas and dense forests. The heather is one of the largest ecosystems in Hilversum, containing many plants, such as 'dwergstruiken', struikhei', thorn bushes, herbs, mosses, and many birch, oak and pine trees on the surrounding land. The Hei was used many years ago by farmers to make manure for their farmland, to fertilize the crops. ...read more.


The reason that farmers stopped using the heather land was because of the invention of 'kunstmest'. And because of that the heather land is threatened with the overgrowth of the surrounding forests. This is because many animals carry seeds from the surrounding trees into the open heather land. Also the wind blows these seeds onto the land, and if left to grow, the trees will overpopulate the land. The Hei also has an underground river, which moisturizes the soil from underneath, helping the plants there to grow. But especially the trees have and advantage because its roots are capable of reaching this underground river. ...read more.


All this cattle also gives the walkers a grave disadvantage; manure. Now that cows graze again, manure is left on the land to dry. This ruins the landscape in my point of view, because now walkers have to beware of where they place their feet. I believe that it is good that the GNR keeps control over the Hei because it is one of the only places I know that I can go enjoy a stroll with the dog, or just to go have a picnic, or to go riding with my horse. I do enjoy the cows found on the Hei, because they are beautiful animals that give the Hei some atmosphere. ...read more.

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