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Introduction to Task 4        

Objectives of Task 4        

What is skills development method        

Various Skill Development Methods        

The process of CPD        

How CPD contributes in Skill Development        


Executive Summary

A finance company Finance 4 U management feels the lack of interest of their in their personal and professional skills development. The management is looking for a comprehensive Personal Development Plan (PDP) in terms of personal, professional and career development and assist the company in progression.

        Personal Development Plan (PDP) helps individuals in identification of strengths, weaknesses and ways to overcome on those weaknesses.

        There are different methods available for personal and professional skills development, all good and well established organisations use different techniques, methods and activities to ensure their employees skills development.

Organisations use the Continues Professional Development (CPD) in setting their employees objectives for development and then checking their process towards the achievement of their goals and objectives.

So to achieve organisational goals and objectives they need to ensure their employees personal and professional skills development.


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Introduction to Scenario:

        The management of finance 4 U feel the lack of interest towards personal and professional skills development among their employees, although there are a variety of personal skills development methods and techniques which can help the company employees in developing their personal and professional skills. The company management is looking for a Personal Development Plan (PDP) which aware company’s employees towards skills development.

        So a Personal Development Plan is needed which help out the employees in skills audit, because skill audit is necessary to assess the skills type and level each employee posses, it will help out employees in understanding their strengths and weaknesses and deciding the ways through which they can overcome on the these problems.  Introduction to Task 1:

        The requirement in task 1 is to develop a Personal Development Plane (PDP) to indicate the long term plan for developing a plan, what is importance of a plan, and how a plan improves one’s personal life and what are effects of it on his / her personal and professional life.  

Objectives in Task 1:

        Following are the main objectives of this task

  • Understanding Personal Development Plan (PDP)
  • Importance of having a plan
  • How plan help you to improve yourself (self improvement)
  • Is PDP help in getting yourself promoted
  • What are your professional objectives
  • What are your short-term and long-term goals
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses
  • What efforts are needed to overcome on your weaknesses
  • What opportunities you have
  • How to plan your objectives and define time-scale to achieve them
  • Define milestones and checkpoints to enable you to review your performance

What is a Plan?

        Plan is a scheme of action, or we can say that plan is estimate of feature. Plan is forecasting about the future, one can plan his objectives, mission and goals.

Importance of Having a Plan:

        If you plan better then there is max chances of getting better results, if you want to be good in your job, or to achieve your career goals, or if you want yourself promoted then you need to plan well in order to be successful.

        “Being good at your job doesn’t automatically mean that you’ll get promoted, being promotable on the other hand increases your chances of success and helps you to take the career steps you are aiming for ” [1].

To get promoted you need to develop your professional skills and competence, business sense and relationship building skills, which seems difficult without proper planning, so to have a good plan makes the chances of your success in your objectives / career goals much more.

What is Personal Development Plan?

        Personal Development Plan (PDP) is a process by which an individual can manage their own development through a process of reflection and structured planning on how they can meet their own goal “[Training and personal development planning, University of Leeds].

        The above definition shows that PDP helps individual in setting their career objectives and provide then an understanding of how to plan his / her activities to reach their target. It also helps out in indentifying his / her strengths and weaknesses, define a time scale for each goal and success criteria to assess the progress.

Importance of PDP:

As described earlier that PDP helps individual to reach their objectives, help them in understanding their strengths and weaknesses. If a person wants to get promoted he needs to have his personal development plan.

“Personal Development Plan (PDP) involves translating some of the conclusions into a form where they can be put into actions when next it is appropriate to do so” [2].

Personal Development Plan (PDP) helps you in identifying “Where are you now” and “where you want to be” [3]

It can be described as

  • Where are you now (what you have achieved till date and how, and which skills and knowledge you possess).
  • Where you want to be (Like a car journey, your current point where you are, and where you want to go and how to reach your destination).

The car journey example provided by  is a very simplified example in understanding PDP.

The importance of PDP can be best described by following cycle

Personal Development Plan for Finance 4 U:

Keeping the requirements and needs of the Finance 4 U, I will suggest the management of the company the following PDP to help them in development of their employees.

 Keys to Understand the PDP for Finance 4 U:

        Objectives: where you want to be

Skills: What skills you have, or got from your experiences, and what are needed for you to meet your objectives.

Actions: what actions should you take to achieve your objectives?

Join now!

Opportunities: what opportunities you have?

Time Scale: Define a time scale for each goal towards the accomplishment of your objective.

Success Criteria: Define criteria to evaluate your success.

 Evidence: Did you accomplish your goal (towards your objective) or not.

My Personal Development Plan:


Introduction to Task 2:

        As Personal Development Plan (PDP) indicate your strategy for development of a plan, and plan help individual in the improvement of his professional and personal life. But as a part of ...

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