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Implementing a Green Supply Chain

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Content Introduction Main body 1. What is a green supply chain 1.1 Definition 1.2 Current situation 2. The realization of a green supply chain 2.1 Strengthen the internal management of enterprises 2.2 Strengthen the user’s environmental consumer awareness 2.3 Intensify the law enforcement 3. The benefits of a green supply chain 3.1 Protect the environment 3.2 Promote the enterprise image Conclusion Reference Introduction In almost every field, it is increasingly important to consider the environmental friendly. Harming the environment will ultimately have an effect on everyone’s quality of lifeï¼Dawsonï¼2008ï¼. Therefore, a large number of companies prefer to do business that can reduce the pollution and minimize the nature damage. This essay is focus on the environmental friendly application in supply chains. The main body is divided into three sections. The first section is about the definition of a green supply chain and the current situation. The next section includes an efficient way to establish a green supply chain management. Finally, the essay will point out the advantages about green supply chain. 1. What is a green supply chain? 1.1 Definition “A supply chain is a network of facilities and distribution options that performs the following functions; the procurement of materials, transformation of these materials into intermediate and finished products; distribution of these finished products to customers” (Shapiro 2000 ,cited in Campuzano , Mula 2011 P1). ...read more.


Concurrently, the development of the green consumption can not only improve the quality of life, but also transform the behaviour. Moreover, it improve the people?s understanding of environment protection, green consumption and sustainable development. 2.3 Intensify the law enforcement Due to the technical level and capital of an enterprise is relatively limited, whether the enterprise production process is the most conservation of resources, energy and reduce the pollution of the environment is not clear. In order to save costs, enterprise will modify the production process appropriately. However, by the influence of habits, experience, technology, equipment and funds, the transformation is limited. Even if some enterprises may have very good profits, they are not willing to take risks on reforming the production process which may save resources and energy and reduce the pollution to the environment. Some enterprises pursue of short-term benefits, some of them even ignore the pollution of the environment. Therefore, the public should participate in. The related departments not only need to propagandize environmental protection to the enterprise decision makers, but also need to point out the significance of the ecological environment to the vast number of consumers. 3. The benefits of a green supply chain 3.1 Protect the environment Using green supply chain can obviously protect the environment in some ways. First, the more recycling and the less damage it will be to the environment. ...read more.


They will be proud and do not want to work for other enterprise. It will impact on the enterprise’s competitiveness by this kind of cohesiveness and centripetal force. Conclusion As can be seen from this essay, green supply chain can be implemented in a variety of ways, each with their own difficulties and benefits. Although it has to face a considerable number of difficulties, overall the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. Obviously, this text has its limitation. For example, there is no comparison between different countries and it may have various solutions in different countries. However, as the environment is getting worse, people pay more attention to environment protection. The green supply chain will be recognized by majority companiesï¼Skjott-Larsenï¼2007ï¼. According to the evidence from above, in my opinion, the green supply chain will be the future of the supply chain industry. Reference Baillie, C. (2004) Green Composites, Cambridge, GBR: Woodhead Publishing Limited, p 252. Blanchard, D. (2010) Supply Chain Management Best Practices, 2nd Edition, Hoboken, NJ, USA: Wiley, p 204. Campuzano, F., &Mula, J. (2011) Supply Chain Simulation: A System Dynamics Approach for Improving Performance, London,GBR: Springer, p 1. Dawson, C. (2008) Green Property, London, GBR: Kogan Page Ltd.,p 1. Emmett, S., & Sood, V. (2010) Green Supply Chains: An Action Manifesto, Hoboken, NJ, USA: Wiley, p 4. Sitkin, A. (2011) Principles of Ecology and Management: International Challenges for Future Practitioners, Mesa, AZ, USA: Goodfellow Publishers Limited, p 108. SSkjott-Larsen, T. (2007)Managing the Global Supply Chain, Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, DNK: Copenhagen Business School Press, p 302. ...read more.

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