A comparison about Mussolinis and Hitlers domestic policies.

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A comparison about Mussolini’s and Hitler’s domestic policies.

Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler are for most people seen as two of the worlds worst leaders during all times. They both did horrible things that had devastating consequences and if we look closer at the two individuals we will see that there were several similarities between the two of them and their way of leading their country. They both had stronger and more successful domestic policies then foreign policies.

Economic policy

Both Mussolini and Hitler aimed for the same goal: to rule over a self-sufficient country without unemployment. They both believed that this was possible by boosting exports and reducing imports, this policy is also known as “autarky”. During Hitler’s time in power the German economy was very organized since the state controlled the industry by telling the industrialists what to produce, how much to produce and the price of the product. To raise Germany’s own economy, it was not unusual that the Germans forced foreign countries to buy their goods or forcing the other country to accept goods instead of cash for goods they had bought from them.

Even though Mussolini did not know a lot about economy, he managed, just like Hitler, to decrease the country’s unemployment range and increase its economy. An example of Mussolini’s successful self-sufficiency is that 1945 wheat imports had been cut by 75 per cent. But one of Mussolini biggest mistakes was to revalued the lira too high. The consequences of this action were enormous, Italy’s export increased dramatically because of the high price and because of exports increasing workers wages reduced.  

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Social policy/ Family policy

One of the reason why Mussolini failed with his job as a dictator was because he didn’t have any special social policy, “welfare state” is nothing that could be associated with Mussolini and his Italy. Compared to Mussolini Hitler had special policies with the family, for example mothers with many children got special prices, a mother with eight children got a gold medal, six children got a silver medal and with four children got a bronze medal. In this family policy Jews, gypsies and other people that were considered “undesirable” were not included, and over ...

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