Change or continuity in the Chesapeake

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Was the Situation for indentured Servants in Chesapeake characterized more by change or continuity?

Throughout history, many people have immigrated to America for a better life and future.  There were three main reasons why the English people migrated in the first place; overpopulation/inflation, poverty/improving conditions, and lastly, religious reasons.  In the mid 1500’s, England’s population doubled due to the introduction of nutritious American crops.  All of these excess people needed food, and other survival needs, and this need for goods led to high inflation, “which coupled   with a fall in real wages as the number of workers increased” (Norton 41).  Landless laborers and those who owned very little land fell into poverty.  Landowners slowly forced tenants off the land when they took peasantry land, raised rent, or “combined small holdings into large units” (Norton 41).  By the 17th century, it was concluded that England had a serious crisis of overpopulation, inflation, a command of workers, and many homeless.  Many of the English people decided that they could improve their circumstances by migrating to the Americas.  

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Religion had a big affect on the English people’s decision to immigrate as well.  In England, every religion had to acknowledge Queen Elizabeth’s authority as head of the Church of England.  That was the only way she would tolerate all of these diverse religions.  Henry VIII didn’t agree with this idea, and he wanted a church that had no “political interference” (Norton 42).  All of these issues led people to live better lives, or so they thought, and colonize themselves so they can soothe the “surplus population, thus easing strains at home” (Norton 41).

After some people left to improve ...

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