To What Extent did the Locarno Pact Achieve German Aims?

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To What Extent did the Locarno Pact Achieve German Aims?

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A. Plan of Investigation

1.) Subject of investigation - To What Extent did the Locarno Pact Achieve German aims?

2.) Methods of investigation

a.)  I am planning to extract much of the evidence from historical books that analyze the Locarno pact.

b.)  I will also conduct internet searches for relevant and reliable articles and I will pay careful attention on those focusing on the discussion of achievement of German aims.

c.)  I also plan to look for primary sources that will explain what was the general feeling of the public of the Locarno pact in Germany.

e.) I plan to investigate the backgrounds of persons directly involved in the Locarno Pact. I will pay special attention to the Gustav Stresemann the man who signed the Locarno pact for Germany.

After conducting this investigation and reviewing these sources i will come to a conclusion to what extent did Germany achieve its aims. This conclusion will be based on relevant and carefully selected evidence.

B. Summary of Evidence

1.) Background

 Locarno pact – Locarno is located in Switzerland. It is a small resort.  During the pact is where the outlines of basic structures became concrete agreement in the October 1925.the pact was signed by Germany together with France, Belgium, Britain and Italy. The main focus was the agreement of non aggression and no adjustments to the countries borders between Germany France and Belgium (Best et el 50).  

2.) Preparations – the Locarno pact was signed during the time of German History known as the Stresemann era(1923-9). This time period is considered the time of recovery. During these years Germany went through t the period of time that is referred to as the 'golden age of Weimar Republic'. The man responsible for this is Gustav Stresemann who was the Chancellor for a few months in 1923 and then later on the prime minister until 1929. While serving as a Chancellor the government took action to stop the inflation by issuing the new currency Rentenmark. During this time Germany agreed to Dawes Plan with the USA to prevent financial collapses in the future by spreading out the reparations payments according to Germany's ability to pay. During this time investment returned to Germany. During his time as the Foreign minister after German economy started recovering Mr. Stresemann wanted to improve Germany's position in Europe and did so by seeking cooperating and diplomacy rather than revenge. This brought Germany to Locarno Pact (Lee 15).

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3.) What did Locarno Pact Bring? – After being chosen for a foreign minister of Germany shortly after that the Locarno Pact was signed. It brought both pro and cons to Germany. The Republic was now more politically stable. The party coalitions were kept together and the Nazi party performed badly in the Reichstag elections of 1924 winning 32 and only holding 12 seats by 1928. The Communists also recorded a decline but their numbers were significantly higher in 1924 with 62 seats. The Social Democrats had an increasing support during these years, and it seemed that Weimar Republic ...

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