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Advertisement Analysis

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Advertisement Analysis This advertisement is of the fragrance Palazzo, by Fendi, featuring supermodel Raquel Zimmerman. This advertisement exudes the strong sense of elegance and luxury that the fragrance Palazzo will give. This feel is developed by the large print of the fragrance on an entire page in a background of gold. The colour choice suits the bottle, and the rectangular page accommodates the bottle very well. ...read more.


The advertisement enhances the fragrance as its setting is a hotel with gold furnishes in the slightly blurred background. This entire wash of gold in the advertisement is highly effective as it not only catches the attention of the viewer, but also brings out the classy feel of the fragrance. The choice of a hotel suiting is apt because the fragrance has a hotel print on it, which emphasises the theme. ...read more.


The composition also plays a vital role in this advertisement. In the first image, the model is the center of attraction, with butlers waiting to serve her and in the second image, she gives a strong, sharp stare. I feel that both compositions are highly effective in displaying the opulence of the fragrance because they have produced the fragrance of the perfume through a 2D advertisement. Viewers are able to imagine the fragrance of Fendi's Palazzo through this striking advertisement. ...read more.

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