Arie Kooij                08-05-2009

Comparison between the “Humming bird” by Paul Groves and “Humming-Bird” by D.H. Lawrence

One of the first things that will be noticed after having read these poems is that the “protagonist” if you will, a humming bird in both cases is described very differently. Firstly, in Paul Groves’ poem the Humming Bird is described as a beautiful and delicate being; using similes like: “Its belly is feathered white as rapids” and “Its tiny claws are slight as pared fingernail”. These are all very clear examples of the way Paul Grove decided to create an image of the humming bird. In the first poem, written by Paul Groves.

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The two authors seem to have a completely different placement of time. Whereas Paul Groves has written it to be in our present time, even comparing it to humans briefly, in D.H. Lawrence’s version we are confronted with a humming bird that lived before anything else existed: “Before anything had a soul” and “This little bit chipped off in brilliance” It is similarly described in the other poem.

Paul Groves tends to give the hummingbird an image of automated beauty: “The humming bird refuels” Just like it has no personality. In the second stanza, the poet describes it as ...

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