Jimmy Cui

Crows Dropping Nuts

A reciprocal function is multiplicative inverse or reciprocal of a number x, denoted by   or

x −1.The purpose of this portfolio is to help us explore the reciprocal function and discover that we can determine an equation through trial and error by making an educated guess through knowing the rule and patterns of the parameters.

Part 1- Large Nuts

Crows cannot break nuts since their beaks are weak, instead they will drop the nut repeatedly on a hard surface to open the nut. The following table shows the number of average drops it takes at a certain height to break the nut.

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This is a graphical representation of the large nuts data using TI InterActive.

Relationship of Height of the drop vs. Number of drops for the Large Nuts

The variables in this data are that the height of the nut dropped affected the frequency, and this variable is put into an average. Another variable is the frequency of drops is also an average, where it is impossible to have 6.8 times of drops to open a nut. This has been converted into an average because it provides much clearer data, which could be put into one graph ...

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