Magnetic field around a conductor

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Fredrik Hansen IB1A

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Fredrik Hansen

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Laboratory experiment:

Magnetic Field around a Conductor

IB Physics Higher Level

laboratory experiment report

by Fredrik Hansen

class: IB1A

supervisor: Anna Malmberg

conducted: 2009-05-29

written: 2009-07-27



A conductor induces a magnetic field around itself while carrying a current. This magnetic field has the same properties as normal magnetic field in all aspects except that the field is oriented in a closed circle around the conductor following the right hand rule.


In this experiment following symbols are used:

B = magnetic field [T]

I = current [A]

V = voltage [V]

R = resistance [Ω]

r = radius [m]

µ0 = permeability of free space (constant) [4π*10-7 TmA-1]


The scientist is supposed to investigate the relationship between current and magnetic field in a conductor by running a varying current through a circuit and measure the magnetic field induced by it. Furthermore the practical skills in the subject of the magnetism and electrical currents should improve.

Research question

How is the magnetic field (B) dependant on the current (I)?

Independent variable: Current (I)

Dependent variable: Magnetic field (B)

Controlled variables:

  • Radius (r)
  • Permeability of free space (µ0)


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The magnetic field due to a straight conducting wire follows the relationship and using this as a linear function with B as the y value and I as the x value the gradient will be µ0/2πr. Then the gradient can simply multiplied by 2πr to find µ0. The relationship should be linear as all parts of the gradient are constants.

List of material

● magnetometer

● conductor

● power supply

● voltmeter

● ampere meter


Before the experiment is conducted the scientist must set up the equipment like in the picture. The conductor that is going to be investigated ...

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