Space exploration and society

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Space exploration and society

Space exploration advanced a lot through the last years. Especially during the Cold War, when the United States and the Soviet Union were competing between themselves and invested a lot of money in that issue. Ever sinse, USA continued on with this project and sent ships into outer space to explore the endless universe thinking to bring up something interesting. In these recent 20-30 years space exploration has really affected the world. Billions of money is put into the space exploration business, races were made to get to the moon first, satellites are all over, and that has already become our daily life. There are a lot of positive aspects of space exploration. But in the midst of all of these, there are negative things that affect the world society and should be changed.


Space exploration has led to us finding out more about the planets surrounding us. The Moon has already been visited by human kind. Going on other planets helps us to make more conclusions on the structure of the earth and it's atmosphere. The over-reacting greenhouse effect only was discovered after humans were able to break out of the atmosphere.

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Space exploration has brought up a lot of things we now use in our daily life. Watching TV is now directed by satellites. GPS (Global Positioning System), weather stations are also. Going to space has helped solve a lot of small problems and developed new ideas. Linked with going out of space were some medicine machines like a device for measuring blood pressure, which was invented for the first space mission from the us, or the heart activity monitors that are used in hospitals world wide. Other daily life things –solar panel electricity, fuel cells, mobile phones, braces, ...

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