Examine one interaction between cognition and physiology in terms of amnesia

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Examine one interaction between cognition and physiology in terms of amnesia

Lucas Gröger IB1

        To examine the interaction between cognition and physiology in terms of amnesia, one must first understand what they are. Cognition is the physiological result of perception, learning and reasoning. In other words cognition is the procedure of processing information using the individual’s physiological features. The information being processed can be , , , , , , ,  and . Amnesia is the loss of memory. In some cases it’s organic or it is functional. Organic causes are the result of damage done to the brain whilst functional causes are psychological, for example MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder). MPD is a psychiatric disorder that is characterized by having one “other” personality that controls the behavior in the same body. It is said that the different personalities take place at random and unwanted. The two or more personalities act separate from each other and don’t share any memories. So if one personality experiences something, other personalities have no idea what happened. It is then said that this person with MPD is suffering under immense amnesia. It is generally agreed that MPD is caused by repressed memories or childhood abuse.  There have been various cases of MPD recorded in which people had from twos to tens of different personalities or from tens to hundreds. Each personality being unique with its very own memory.

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One study was done by the psychiatrists Thigpen & Cleckley in 1954. A 25 year old woman named Eve White had been experiencing severe headaches, blackouts and amnesia. Through hypnotism Eve White was able to recall what happened during her blackouts and it seemed she might be getting well again. During the next visit to the psychiatrists Eve White held her head as if she suddenly got a severe headache. But to the surprise of the psychiatrists it was in fact a different personality who appeared. Eve Black was her name and was the complete opposite of Eve White. At ...

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