How Biological Factors Affect Cognitive Processes

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How Biological Factors Affect Cognitive Processes

Biological Factors: A factor is a substance necessary to produce a result or activity in the body. The term is used when the chemical nature of the substance is unknown. Biological factors are the substances that bring results in biological systems. For example in the human system, red blood cells are biological factors.

Cognition: all the mental activities associated with thinking, knowing, remembering and communicationg

Cognitive Processes: Perception, thinking, problem solving, memory, language attention

Explain how biological factors (these studies) affect Cognition (memory)

Alzheimer’s Disease: A progressive and irreversible brain disorder characterized by the gradual detioration of memory, reasoning, language and physical functioning

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Martinez and Kesner Study: Tested the effect of acetylcholine on memory

  • Showed a cause and effect relationship between acetylcholine (biological) and memory formation (cognitive) in rats.

HM Study: Milner and Scoville (1957)

  • After having surgery for his seizures, HM was missing part of his hippocampus—an area known for it’s use in memory. Without part of his hippocampus (biological), he was unable to form new memories (cognitive); he had anterograde amnesia.

Cortisol and Memory: Lupien Study

  • Studied the link between cortisol, a stress hormone (biological), and memory.
  • Followed a group of ...

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