Of Dreams and Reality: A paper on hypnosis and dream analysis

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Kevin Henson                                                                        September 24, 2013

Psy 101-T                                                                        Reflection paper

Of Dreams and Reality: A paper on hypnosis and dream analysis

        There are some things in this world which are better left unsaid, some secrets that lay deep down and locked away in our unconscious, hidden desires and suppressed emotions. I guess you could say it is our instinctive selves, a version of ourselves (perhaps even our real selves) that lay caged by our everyday selves, an externality of our personality that is immersed in a society of norms and standards such that if we let this “inner” self lose, the result would be ousting, being ostracized from society. The unconscious is a world full of the clandestine, but as Freud theorizes, it is the base of the iceberg which is the foundation of our entire personality. What people see on the outside is actually largely based on our unconscious personality. It may not be exactly the same, but the fact remains, our external selves represent our internal selves to a certain extent and perhaps even in a toned down fashion. Who we really are as a person, on an instinctive level, is encapsulated by our unconscious, and to know more about this covert reality is to know more one’s real self as Roger’s would put it. Hypnosis and dream analysis provides that opportunity to examine the innermost underpinnings of one’s mind, and in many ways, the whole experience can be captured in the phrase “of dreams and reality” a middle ground between consciousness and unconsciousness.

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        Dreams, as Freud theorizes, are actually forms of wish fulfillment, secret conflicts and desires that are unmet in real life which manifest in the form of the dream. Thus those dreams which are most memorable may actually be a literal or symbolic representation of what we really want in life. In my case, there was one dream which I remembered vividly which, after the dream analysis session, led me to understand myself better. It was a dream about an encounter with the girl who for the longest time now had captured my heart but was a far-fetched reality from coming ...

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