Outline the historical or cultural factors that led to the development of the biological perspective

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Outline the historical or cultural factors which led to the development of the Biological perspective.

Over the last century or so, the practise of psychology began to formally include certain aspects of the scientific method into its ways of looking at human behaviour. This perspective – the Biological perspective – involves the idea that all human behaviour has a physiological basis and that the body and mind are a single entity. However, this perspective which is taken much for granted now did not arise from nowhere. The fundamental basics of this perspective can be traced back as far as the Egyptian and Greek times, although the perspective didn’t advance much more until quite recently when technological advancements have allowed newer types of research to be performed and different types of information to be uncovered.

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The Greeks were a powerful nation, excelling in every subject from theatre to philosophy. The age of the philosophers began at about 600 BC with Thales. Philosophy was the beginning of all scientific thought and it later branched of into psychology, however, some of the basic premises of the biological perspective are visible in some Greek philosophers’ ideas. Alcmaeon said in the 5th century BC that the brain was the ‘seat of the soul’, implying that the brain did in fact play a part in cognitive functioning, and a century later Plato agreed with this. Hippocrates believed that the brain ...

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