Emotion as a Way of Knowing

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Donatas Koerfer


How emotion as a WoK helps or hinders the acquisition of knowledge.

         To choose a subject for this kind of explanation doesn’t make it easy because all school subject require some sort of emotional reasoning and detachment. But for Psychology even though I do not take this subject at school I find it appealing to talk about it in the aspect of the Way of Knowing. Emotion plays a great roll in psychology, even if it’s only in class or as job as Psychiatrist.

        Emotion is a very strong “thing” that cannot be touched or smelled or heard, it is a force that drives a person to do something and is affected by sense of perception and what the person experiences around him/her. That is why in psychology emotion can be used to define traits and how the person acts to identify what the person might possibly have, for example ADD or phantom pains. Not only has careful studying a person helped to define more frequently appearing disorders, but technology has helped to advance even further in the study of brain functionality, and its different actions to different behaviors and actions. It may have helped to define different diseases and disorders now with technology and meeting a shrink, but on the other hand emotion plays a large role in religious views.

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        This means for the Christians or Jews or people that believe in any ethnicity have loyalty to a certain belief of God and his way of how he believed people should live their lives. It makes them happy to see others believe in a strong religion but there are aspects in which people like to disagree in religion. That is when technology like the sciences come into play. These subjects have proven that the world wasn’t created by `god in seven days, nor that he actually exists, and the fact that people tend to be drawn away from religion like ...

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