In his work, Confucius represents wisdom through the way of being (concerning Ren) and through living in the world of thousand things (concerning Li).

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           How and what way Ren and Li are interdepended

                           Nowadays many people try to possess understanding of wisdom through different ways. Some people read books and tries to understand deep meaning of it, another ones watches movies, the other ones possess it through own experience and so on. There were a few philosophers who could develop such a difficult topic as wisdom. To my mind, the best who tried to identify the meaning of the wisdom is Confucius. In his work, Confucius   represents wisdom through “the way of being” (concerning Ren) and through “living in the world of thousand things” (concerning Li). To be Ren means to be humane and to be Li means to be in accordance with your rites. His work analects of Confucius, gives a good topics to discover the meaning of wisdom. Confucius tried to show us the relationship between Ren and Li and how it is important for all human beings.

                            Book 7, 25: “The master instructs under four heads: culture, moral conduct, doing ones best, and being trustworthy in what one says.” In my opinion, this actual quotation describes what Ren is. To be Ren means to be humane according to people who surround you. This is relationship between you and your parents, you and your friends, you and your colleges and so on.  To be Ren means to fell kind to people who are around you. For instance, when your parents become old you take care of them, because they looked after you when you were a child. They give you home, education, food and clothes to make you fully-grown so you have to be kind with them, love them and respect. According to this issue responsibility also the quality, in my opinion, that Ren have to has. You are responsible for your parents when they become old and weak. It is like due to be a good child for parents, because they have grown up you. You should be thankful in front of parents, because they did so much to you to be a good man or woman.

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                 Also, responsibility refers to be a wise man so Ren should be wise:”...Do your  best for others and to be trustworthy in what you say. Do not accept as friend anyone who is not as good as you…” This means to keep your promise if you have done. Do not be a friend for someone who is worse than you, because from him or her you will not get something useful and good. This also means that you have to think before saying something so to be cautioned in speech or ...

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