English A2HL


Caterina Coluccia

Dear Father,

        I am aware that you are not in this world anymore. I will try, with the hope that you will perceive my words and emotions sooner or later.

It has been a long time since the last time I saw you. You are only a blurred image in my desolate and lonely memories. I have been suffering very much, but as people always told me, suffering makes your heart stronger and capable of greater endurance and perseverance. I got accustomed to letting bad memories and negative events flow without harming me.

Father, if only you knew how much I longed for your guiding paternal hand and manly figure to raise me and hold my hand through the long journey called growth.

With the passing of time, I learned to appear untroubled and delighted. I began to realise that if I wanted a jubilant life I should have laboured for it. I did.

 I have felt used and mistreated by many people indeed, and example could be the way in which Mr Rochester tricked me. I have no vague idea of the reasoning behind this lie, but what I do know is that there is no need of causing unnecessary discomfort and pain.

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Roughly one month ago, I imagine it was during the month of March, according to he Gregorian calendar, I met the man whom I considered to be the most special presence in my life, although he hurt me very much.

His name is Edward Rochester, he is a man of very little words, who doesn’t embrace the use of language as a way of communicating, but indeed prefers the interchange of looks. I met Edward at Thornfield Hall. He is my master. At first he did not even look into my direction, I thought he was not aware of ...

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