Introduction – This scene is the most important scene in the play. It takes place after Romeo and Juliet get married. In the scene Tybalt tries to provoke Romeo into a fight. Romeo disapproves. Mercutio’s thinks that Romeo is backing away and so he steps up to fight against Tybalt. Tybalt kills Mercutio. This builds rage within Romeo who then kills Tybalt.

This scene is a contrast to the final moments of the last Act where Romeo and Juliet get married secretly. This contrast highlights the main theme of the play – violence and love. Both these themes are constantly brought up.

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Romeo –

  • starts off as gentle person that doesn’t want to fight with Tybalt because of the fact he is married to Juliet and doesn’t want to fight with anyone in her family
  • However we see a sudden change in character in Romeo. Throughtout the whole play until now he has been lonely person who was very gentle. After Mercutio’s death, he turns into a fiery person with lots of rage.

Tybolt –

  • Continues to see Tybalt as a person who is alway up for a fight. This is clearly shown when Tybalt calls Romeo a ...

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