Agglutination & lysine of sheep red blood cells

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Agglutination & lysine of sheep red blood cells


They are many uses in science for agglutination for example the determination of which blood group an individual belongs to. However agglutination is commonly the adhesion of particles. Biological agglutination occurs in the clumping of cells in response to an antibody, the adhesion of small particles that are suspended in a solution, which are then (usually) precipitated in allergic reactions, when cells clump together to prevent antigens from entering, Antigens are usually proteins or polysaccharides, that could be on bacteria, but not actually the bacteria it self. But in biology/immunology many agglutination experiments are carried out in order to identify antibodies, which are specified to go against cellular antigens.

In the 1st part of the experiment we were given immune rabbit serum and non-immune rabbit serum which, was acting against sheep red blood cells as an antigen. The second part of the experiment was antibodies that produce lysins in the presence of a complement, which is similar to the agglutination process, and both processes are measured using the same technique.

Aims & Objectives


        The main objective of this experiment was to observe what actually happens in the agglutination and lysis reactions, also to help us understand the processes more clearly, and to  determine the agglutination and lysine titres, making me understand how differently immune and non-immune serum would react, to sheep red blood cell. The experiment gives understanding of the importance of agglutination in immunology.  

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Firstly, the agglutination experiment with the immune rabbit serum was carried out.

But before I started the experiment, I had to wear my lab coat, safety glasses and gloves prior dealing with any of the substances for precautious measures.

To inactivate the natural complement present in the serum for this experiment it was required heating at 60 degrees for at least half an hour, this was already done by the technician, so we did not have to do it.

Secondly, using 20 small sized tubes a serial dilution of the immune serum was made in the ...

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