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Do you believe that it is right to keep animals?

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Do you believe that it is right to keep animals? In the title for this essay we are asked do you believe it is right to keep animals? It is quite difficult to answer this question as right can mean a lot of things. It can mean that it is correct to keep animals. It can also mean that it is legal to keep animals or it can also mean that it is morally right to keep animals. Personally, I think it means that you are allowed by law to keep animals. There are two sides to the argument though. In my essay I will go on to tell you about the reasons why people should be allowed to keep animals and reasons why it is wrong to keep animals. First of all I want to write about keeping animals in zoos and safari parks. Zoos and safari parks can be very interesting and have a lot of educational value for young children. They also help preserve endangered species. I myself think it is great that the zoos and safari parks have endangered species as you can go and see them there because most of us are not able to see them in the wild. ...read more.


It saves them from spending money on a circus. My opinion is that animal entertainment should be banned unless it is the type of animal that wants to do the tricks and there must be a suitable place for them to live. Again more attention should be paid to checking that the animals are properly looked after. I think that large animals such as elephants and lions should not be made to perform in front of people, as this is not the type of life the animals are suited to. Now I am going to discuss whether we should keep pets in our homes. Pets can be of great benefit to both young and old people. People can have a lot of fun with their pets many people treat their pets as best friends. Old people find pets very useful, their pets might be the only company they have. Also pets give old people a reason to get up in the morning it keeps the old people fit and gives them something to do. Some people take their pets out for a walk to keep them fit. The person who is walking the dog will also get fit. ...read more.


We would have a lot of empty fields in our countryside if we did not keep farm animals in them. However, sometimes farm animals are fed chemicals to make them grow quicker or carry less fat, as people do not want meat with fat on it. This is cruel to the animals a not good for the people who are going to eat it. So again I lot of strict checks need to be made to make sure that people obey the laws about how we should look after commercial animals. Therefore in conclusion I believe that it is right to keep animals as long as all the people who are employed in animal welfare do their jobs properly and check regularly that the animals are being looked after, as they should be. Also if the animals are not being looked after properly the people who have not being looking after them should face a severe penalty for want they have done. The only area where I think that animals should not be kept are in circuses as a do not believe that animals were born to do tricks. Also the animals should not be forced to do something that is not natural for them to do. ...read more.

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