'Why if at all should we treat animals equally with humans?'

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Ethics of Social Philosophy Assignment

‘Why if at all should we treat animals equally with humans?’

I believe in order to answer this question we have to ask what is Equality?

Philosophers such as Descartes have said that animals have similarities with machines, and given this fact it is a perfectly good enough reason to treat them like machines, and test on them, the fact that they screamed under stress meant nothing more than machines making noises.

In this assignment, im going to outline the extent of animal cruelty and try to give fair reasoning on why animals should be treated equally with humans. In order to create a fair argument im going to break up my assignment into sub-headings therefore, making my points easier to understand.

Racism and Speciesism; I’m going to begin by examining Racism and how in today’s society we see it as morally unjust, and how it is seen as one of the most important issues in the world to date. When talking about equality to animals, it is surely wrong to compare it to such an important moral issue. As quoted ‘How can anyone waste time on equality for animals, when so many humans are denied real equality?’

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However animal equality is easy to dismiss as ‘there animals,’ however Jeremy Bentham ‘The founding father of Utilitarianism’ said the question is not can they reason? Nor can they talk? But, can they suffer?

Bentham goes on to explain that suffering has no boundaries, it has no barrier. Pain can be felt through every species from a new born baby to a horse as, if you slap a baby it will cry, however you may think if you slap a horse it will also be fine as its got tougher skin, however if you equaled the force of the babies ...

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