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Branch Analysis of Macao's Tourism Industry

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Branch Analysis of Macao's Tourism Industry Airline Industry Table of Contents Preface 4 Chapter 1. Introduction to Macau Airline Industry 1-1 Definition 1-2 Memorabilia 1-3 Airlines in Macau 1-4 Departure and Arrival 5-7 Chapter 2. Current Trends 2-1 Cargos 2-2 Visitors 2-3 Airlines 2-4 Macau International Airport 2-5 A5 2-6 CEPA 8-11 Chapter 3. Analysis of Macau Airline Industry 3-1 Air Cargos 3-2 Commercial Flights 3-3 Visitors and Spending 12-17 Chapter 4. Suggestions and Conclusion 18-19 Bibliography 20 Table of Charts and Graphics Table 1-1 Memorabilia of Macau Airline Industry Table 3-1 The volume of air cargo in Macau 6 12 Table 3-2 Job Vacancy of Transport and Communications Table 3-3 Job Vacancy of Gaming Table3-4 Average Salary of Transport and Communications Table3-5 Average Salary of Gaming 13 13 13 13 Table3-6 The numbers of commercial flights 14 Table3-7 Gross domestic product (GDP) Table3-8 The numbers of visitor arrivals and spending Table3-9 Total spending of the visitor 15 16 17 Preface After the hand over on 20th December 1999, the economy of Macau started to step into a new phrase. Especially after the liberalization of gaming, a lot of big scale companies started their business in Macau. At the same time, tourists from different countries are rushing to this tiny city - Macau because they are attracted by the casinos and cultural heritages. Now, tourism industry is the most important industry in Macau and most of the income of Macau is coming from the gaming revenue and tax. Also, a large number of citizens are employed in the gaming and hospitality sector. As a mini-economy, the development of Macau relies so much on the trading of goods and because of this reason; Macao should set up an effective regional aviation cargo transportation system. Because of the blooming tourism, Macau International Airport logged a record 5.49 million passengers last year, a growth of 11 percent on 2006. ...read more.


Suning Liu, Executive Director of CAM stated that by the time the "South Extension project " is completed, the Departure hall area will be expanded to 9450 m�; from original six boarding gates to 12, also adding in six mobile gates, which can significantly increase efficiency during rushing hours. Flight handling capacity from 16 movements per hour up to 28 movements. In addition, the future parking building's construction area will be 37500 m�, providing 1000 parking spaces, 10 large coach parking spaces and 50 minibus parking spaces. 1 The whole enlarging project is expected to be completed in 2011 and the expense will be around 4,000,000,000 MOP. According to the professionals' opinions, Macau International Airport can refer to the successful experience from Las Vegas. Aside from attracting the leisure tourists, business travelers and families can also be taken into consideration. 2 2-5 A5 There are five airports in the pearl river delta namely A5, and they are Hong Kong International Airport, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, Macau International Airport, Shenzhen Baoan International Airport and Zhuhai Airport. The distance among them is less than 150 kilometers and the density is the highest in the country. The freight handling capacity in 2020 is expected by Mr.Zhang Zhong Xiao to be 20,000,000 person-time, almost triple for now. 3 1. Macao International Airport Company Limited., "" Macau International Airport "Welcome the 5 Million Passengers Ceremony" "http://www.macau-airport.com/en/h04/06_press_release.php? pressID=235&year=2007&month=11 , January 18, 2008 2. "Professional: it is the time for Macau Airport to enlarge", Journal of Macau Civil Aviation, Volume V, 2007, page 94 3. Vakio, 10 December 2007, sheet1 page1 The last A5 seminar has ceased for four years and in June 2007, it started again. The first seminar was held in Hong Kong and the framework of development was established. The second one was in Shenzhen and procedures of cargo freight, training of staffs and security issues were discussed. ...read more.


After the liberalization of gaming, many foreign based companies, namely Wynn, Venetian, etc are interested in setting up their businesses here, at the same time, twenty five heritages of Macau were listed in UNSCO world heritage, attracting more and more different kind of tourists form all over the world. Therefore, airline industry of Macau plays a very important role in the further development of Macau. In recent years, due to the introduction of low cost airlines, Macau airline industry became less and less depend on the flights to and from between China and Taiwan, and this is a remarkable step and benefits the industry a lot. In order to continue transform to a destination rather than a transit point, Macau should give room for the low cost airlines to develop. Besides, Macau government intends to develop the event industry, given that more and more infrastructure have been built; Macau airline industry can go a step further for international flights to enlarge the market share and business jet is needed to provide convenience for businessmen and public bodies. Since competition can improve the efficiency, the airline industry in Macao really needs some competition so that the resources can be allocated in the best way. As a result, in the view of air cargo, increasing the number of cargo air crafts and recruiting the suitable candidates are very important. Last but not the least, given the condition that the economy of Macau developed rapidly in these few year, Macau airline industry can grasp the chance to investigate different air routes to see the benefits and costs. Also, Macau should be cooperated with the other four airports (A5) to achieve a win-win situation. Under the great support of Macau government, Macau airline industry should carefully pre- plan the future character in Macau tourism and among other airports nearby, also take actions actively. Therefore, Macao needs to streamline the operation process so that it can provide effective and efficient services to support the gaming industry and manufacturing industry. ...read more.

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