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Critical review on Measurement of internal service quality: Application of the SERVQUAL battery to internal service quality".

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Coursework Header Sheet 131475-75 Course MARK1022: Foundations of Scholarship-mkt Course School/Level BU/PG Coursework Foundations of Scholarship Assessment Weight 100.00% Tutor MJ Housden, CF Rock Submission Deadline 12/12/2007 Please submit two copies of your work Coursework is receipted on the understanding that it is the student's own work and that it has not, in whole or part, been presented elsewhere for assessment. Where material has been used from other sources it has been properly acknowledged in accordance with the University's Regulations regarding Cheating and Plagiarism. 000452231 Tutor's comments Grade Awarded___________ For Office Use Only__________ Final Grade_________ Moderation required: yes/no Tutor______________________ Date _______________ Foundation Of Scholarship Assignment: Critical Literature Review on Journal "Measurement of internal service quality: Application of the SERVQUAL battery to internal service quality". Presented To: Matt Housden Chris Rock Presented By: Muhammad Ali ID # 000452231-1 University Of Greenwich Contents Page # 1: Abstract 5 2: Introduction 5 3: Concept define related internal service quality 6 3.1: Internal marketing 6 3.2: Definitions Table 8 3.3: Internal Services 9 3.4: Service Profit Chain Chart 11 4: Measuring internal service quality 12 4.1: SERVQUAL 13 4.2: SERVQUAL vs SERVPERF 14 5: Critique on essay literature 15 6: Study Limitation 16 7: Conclusion 16 8: References 17 9: Bibliography 19 Table of Contents Measurement of internal service quality: Application of the SERVQUAL battery to internal service quality 1: Abstract. Internal marketing is an important concept to apply in any organization to create customer conscious and motivated employees to boost the internal services. However, the main objective of internal marketing is to create value in employees and internal suppliers. While researcher defines internal service quality depends on customer satisfaction which is base on 1: internal service, 2: Service capability, 3: Customer satisfaction but there is no general agreement to measurement of the concept. SERVQUAL and SERVPERF are two main instruments as a tool to measure internal service quality. ...read more.


(Hallowell, et al. 1996). In spite of this, if the firms succeed to establish channels of relationship between external customers and internal employees result could lead customer loyalty, productivity, profit and growth. In order to create relationship between internal employees and external customer Reynoso & Moores (1995 cited in Lings & Brooks) define the implementation of internal customer approach which got some common sequential steps. 1. "Create internal awareness" (internal customer should be aware about company policies and procedures) 2. "Work on the identification of internal customers and suppliers" 3. "Identify the expectations of internal customers" (Need and Demand of employees should be clearly identify by management) 4. "Communicate these expectations to internal suppliers in order to discuss their own capabilities and /or obstacles to meeting these requirements" (Clear communication between employees and management is essential to create customer conscious employees which lead increase in firm's capability) 5. "As a result of this previous point, internal suppliers should work to make the necessary changes so as to be able to deliver the level of service required and finally" 6. "Obtain a measure for internal customer satisfaction. Feed back should be given to internal suppliers if services are to be improved". Heskett, et al. (1994). "The service-profit chain established relationship between profitability, customer loyalty, and employee satisfaction, loyalty and productivity". Loyalty is directly related to customer satisfaction and satisfaction is influenced by value of service provided to ultimate customer (ibid). The ideas concur from chart (see the chart. " The Links in the Service- Profit Chain) is that all the efforts behind every operation of organization is to generate revenue and profitability. For that purpose firm's has to satisfied customers according to their need and preferences. A closer look of the process of each link shows that how the service profit chain function as whole. Heskett, et al. (1994) Derived the some propositions on the basis of service-profit chain. ...read more.


First SERVQUAL scale entails gigantic data collection task. It designs lengthy questionnaires to measure consumer expectation and perception towards firm's performance which could affect the response. SERVQUAL has been criticized for focusing on the process of service delivery rather then outcomes of the service encounter. The most serious are concerned with the number of dimensions, and stability from various contexts. 6: Study Limitation In this particular study, several limitations noted. First SERVQUAL instrument originally develop in English but applied in Korean market to get result so there been problem related to translation of the instrument in Korean. Second sample group 140 size could be not enough and the targeted only employee working in university they excluded the administration staff to external customer contact. It is also noted that SERVQUAL framework in five dimensions not enough to measure the actual service quality standard. There may be some other service quality dimensions which are also important. 7: Conclusion From the discussion above, the conclusion to be drawn is that internal marketing create vital part to boost services in the corporate domain. Although internal marketing and internal service concept are implementing since many years so now it has been in more abstract position. The success of any organization depend on understanding and fulfilling need of external consumer by acknowledging the needs and demand of employee and treat them as internal customers. The objective of this study was to produce a conceptual framework and allow researcher on some usefulness of internal service quality in building a relationship between front-line customer and contact and support personnel in internal marketing. There has been develop and proposed several methods to measure internal service quality. However, two methods SERVQUAL and SERVPERF are favourable to measuring the service quality owing to its wide range of applicability and provide managers a strong pinpointing to solve problems. In order to measure over all attitude and perception of internal customer in large size of organizations SERVPERF give best result in order to create organization culture. A review of extant literature points from both parameters SERVPERF scale emerges to be better choice. ...read more.

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