Entrepreneur Essay. The unique selling point of Beyond Party is to create and organize events with creative and innovative ideas

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1.0 Executive Summary

Our event company, Beyond Party is established based on the idea to provide memorable and amazing event experience for the clients. The unique selling point of Beyond Party is to create and organize events with creative and innovative ideas that will impress and surprise people. After detail research, we plan to locate our company in the Bandar Manjalara, Kepong. We find that most of the sources that needed for event organizing are focus located in Kepong areas, this can ease for use to deal for supplier partnership. 

We plan to provide quality service to help people and organization to organize various types of events and parties with themes. Furthermore, those events include birthday party, holiday party, anniversaries, graduation party, and reunion party, small size corporate event and etc. Moreover, we segment our customer into different market such as corporate market and social market. Moreover, we also find our customer based on their age and income level. Our outstanding selling point is that we are providing a party package named "The Unknown Party". The preparation work of party and the theme will all keep in secret until the client step into the venue.

We have identified Generation Y as our main target market. There are many young adults mainly the college students or fresh graduate who wish to open a secret event or birthday party to create a memorable memories in their life. We provide various types of party themes packages which depending on clients' requirements to meet their expectations. In terms of pricing structure, we will determine all the services fees that will be covered and establish the reasonable event or party prices for the customer. We charges different prices for different packages that we have provided such as Normal Party Package, Special Beyond Package, and Event Package. Lastly we have our own Facebook page and Twitter account that will be updating all the upcoming event or new promotions to every online user and also to retain the customer relationship. Besides, we also have own website to collect the feedback and comments from clients who used our service.

Our company major strategic asset is the management team which compound of 5 major founders who are the core man power of this business. These people devise and implement strategy to grow the business. Secondly, the individual knowledge and skill are the most significant factor to maintain company innovative. Every personnel will utilize their ability to fulfil task respectively. Data such as customer detail, expectation and feedback that gather from all aspect resources are the important to find potential market and serve the existing customer. Besides, we will identify the possible assets and develop it as our future assets.

In terms of partnership, we will have great collaboration with all the professionals such as food catering suppliers, photographers, venue providers and others. We will make sure the professionals can contribute to our event organizing in order to achieve better quality of event experience and presentation to our clients. 

2.0 Core Strategy

2.1 Mission Statement

The mission of our event company, Beyond Party is established based on the idea to provide memorable and amazing event experience for the clients. The unique selling point of Beyond Party is to create and organize events with creative and innovative ideas that will impress and surprise people.

Our aim is to provide high and consistent quality event to our clients. This target can be achieved by ensuring that the client receives the individual attention they deserve through being aware of clients’ expectations and listening to their idea. We are trying to organize unique events which are memorable and surprising to the clients with special themes that can exceed clients’ expectation and create once-in-a-lifetime experience for them.

Innovative and creative ideas are critical for us to organize different types of events with themes, and thus it is a must for us to keep in track with the market demands through social media and marketing research by utilizing latest technologies. Besides, we will also gain experience and new ideas from competitors’ events.

Every event will be well organized in details from the budget planning to site selection. Our professionalism will throughout the process of organizing and implementing the event, especially in the interaction with clients and partners. The principles of trust, honesty, integrity and caring are important to practice in order to maximize the output in all we do for our clients.

2.2 Product Scope

Beyond party is an event management company. We provide an excellent service to help clients to conduct many types of party and event, those events including birthday party, holiday party, wedding parties, anniversaries, graduation party, reunion and small size corporate event. Meanwhile, we also organized special package call “the unknown party”. This package will attract many client come to try our service. The unknown party package is designed for those client who desire a new style and special theme party. For example, our company covers all the service such as event organization, equipment preparation and expert like party themes designer to design the exclusive theme for the client, transportation also provided to help the client attend the party punctually. We also include the cleaning service after party. The objective of this package is to offer a unique memory and special feeling toward the event. In order to provide a mystery event to our client, we will setup the party secretly for the client. Then, they will feel surprise after they reach the venue though our special transporter. In addition, we also will design the surprising party based on their client needs and preference.

Below are the event and parties that we are focusing in:

Birthday Party package

We will provide a one stop service for the client such as selecting a venue (Appendix 3), theme setting, site decoration, catering, selection of birthday cake and hire staff to clean the place after event. Our birthday party organizer will provide an amazing birthday experience to the birthday boy or girl by help them to plan for their birthday event schedule and cover all the preparation work and thing needed to ensure the party run smoothly.

Anniversaries package

This package organizes for those couple and people who are married. We will give suggestion idea to our client as well as customize a unique anniversaries theme based on their preference. Our anniversary party planners will provide a suitable package based on the client budge. Once clients buy the package we will help to coordinate a place and date which is suitable for them. After that, we will start our preparation work such as find location and theme decoration.

Graduation Party package

This package is designed for those people who are graduated. We separate into different kind of graduate party such as primary school graduation, secondary school graduation and university graduation. Once the client buys the package, we will help to send the invitation based on the guest list provided by the client. Furthermore, we also provide excellent service such as photography service, food and beverages preparation, decoration theme and find location (Appendix 4).

Wedding party

Our professional wedding planner will organize a memorable wedding event. We also cover all the service that covers all aspect of the planning and hosting. In order to make sure the wedding event run successful we will coordinate the event from seating to decorations, to special atmosphere (Appendix 5). We also give advice on how to coordinate every detail such as preparing suitable facilities, catering arrangement, banquet tables and chairs and DJ sound.

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Reunions package

This package include family reunion, friend reunion and colleagues reunion party. The reunion party organizer will provide a comprehensive service to their client such as send invitation card to their classmate and colleagues, select a place (Appendix 6) and design a unique environment for the place, set up entertainment and arrange the catering. Furthermore, we also prepare the free transportation and accommodation to the participant.

Corporate Event package

This package include company seminar, training, trade show, meeting and annual dinner (Appendix 7). Furthermore, we also provide the service for the nonprofit organization event such as charity event. ...

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