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Marketing Management

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Class: Bachelor of Business Administration MARKETING MANAGEMENT Outline and critically evaluate the ways an organization may differentiate their product to achieve a sustainable competitive advantages. Illustrate your answers with exampl Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of BA (Honors) Business Studies BA (Honors) Business Administration Bolton Business School The University of Bolton Course / Programme: BA (Hons) Business Administration Module: Marketing Management (MKT3001DL) Assignment Number: One of Two (50% of final mark) Assignment Title: Report - Differentiation Assignment Length: 2500 Words TABLE OF CONTENT Abstract Introduction Definition of Differentiation Differentiation Variables 1. Product Differentiation * Definition * Ways of Product Differentiation * Examples 2. Service Differentiation * Service Differentiation * Ways of Service Differentiation * Examples 3. Personnel Differentiation * Personnel Differentiation * Ways of Personnel Differentiation * Examples 4. Channel Differentiation * Channel Differentiation * Ways of Channel Differentiation * Examples 5. Image Differentiation * Image Differentiation * Ways of Image Differentiation * Examples Conclusion References Further reading ABSTRACT In competitive market, the competitors always appear and try to win the market share from your hand through penetration pricing strategy. Some of them will success because their business model is completely set up with price factors. If you cannot keep pace with their competitive price, you have to make differentiation. A successful differentiation will make the competitors cannot copy it. The author will show you some examples and a secret to gain successful differentiation. INTRODUCTION Nowadays, all companies have to operate in fiercely competitive environment and the competitors always change the policies to attract customers on their side. ...read more.


Doyle (1989) said that to build a successful brand, service is the important key to gain sustainable differential advantage. According to Barwise, P. (2004): There is a solution to make a differentiation: be better. There are some reasons to use service differentiation: First, service quality is very hard to achieve, you will probably success or fail when using this strategy. No doubt about the big achievement if it works, but there are too many factors beyond control. Thus, the use of service differentiation factor should only be done if you have the capacity to achieve a higher quality level of opponent and maintain good quality. Second, customers become more and more difficult; they have awareness that quality is required. As well as product quality, service quality is what customers expect you to automatically provide them. And the last one, using service differentiation is a great risk, because the brand has guaranteed to do something, they must do it seriously. If you guaranteea great service but this is not done, the result is actually very bad. Customers will know it and your business can break apart. * Ways of Service Differentiation * Order Ease: adopting customization, self appearance from customers... (E.g. Louis, Brioni). * Delivery: the way that product or service is delivered to the customer: door to door service... (E.g. KFC, Express). * Installation: set up to make a product operate... (E.g. LG, Panasonic). * Customer Training: training customers to use equipment properly to bring the best benefit to them... (E.g. Sony, Nekon). * Customer consulting: offering expert advice to customers... (E.g. Viettel, FPT). ...read more.


(E.g. Coca, Pepsi). * Written and audiovisual media: To advertise company/brand to public... (E.g. Nokia, Samsung). * Atmosphere of the physical place with which customer comes into contact: physical space in which an organisation produces or delivers its products... (E.g. LG, Sacombank). * Events organized or sponsored by the company: sponsorship, game show, talk show... (E.g. Viettel, Nestl´┐Ż). * Examples Gucci is the symbol of luxury goods, such as "Gucci Loves New York" handbag collection are sold out in 2 days. A lot of rich people think that these product can reflect their VIP lifestyle. For KFC product, people are familiar with the image of old man, white hair, wearing eyeglass. This image appears everywhere: supermarkets, stores, bars. Customer can easily identify this mage is belonged to KFC. Starbucks is a coffee brand which is evaluated very high by customers. They said that Starbucks's system is very warm and close. Its interior is quite special with a lot of sofas. CONCLUSION In this report, the author has analyzed various techniques of differentiation. Differentiation in the current information age is really a great challenge for brand. All the differences can be copied and improved, that makes differentiation becomes obsolete. For this reason, business has to create major technical barriers with creative ways that many competitors cannot keep up or follow because the risk is too great. This can only be as the brand management and sensitivity to predict market trends to offer products and services completely distinct from competitors. That is the reason why you should create a breakthrough to add and improve the benefits of the product with the ultimate objective is to improve the competitiveness of products on the market. ...read more.

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