Marketing Management

Graham McDonald

The strategic approach that I am focusing on is the marketing communication mix.

Public Relations (PR): 

"Public relations are about reputation - the result of what you do, what you say and what others say about you... Public relations practice is the discipline which looks after reputation with the aim of earning understanding and support and influencing opinion and behaviour."  (Institute of Public Relations)

An example of PR would be Flora sponsoring the London Marathon. They have created an image of healthy living. By sponsoring the London Marathon, it gives them creditability that it is a healthy product. They are showing the consumer that they have a loyalty to healthy living and show that by sponsoring the London Marathon.

Sales promotion: 

 Is where an organisation promotes its products to draw a stronger and quicker buyer reaction. An example of this can be Boots give you extra points over the Christmas period if you spend over a certain amount of money.  Another example can be Boots have a mix & match system this builds a relationship with their customers because consumers think they are getting a better deal for items they have bought. By doing this, Boots are building a good relationship with their consumer that makes them want to come back.

Personal selling:

Persuasive communication between a representative of the company and one or more prospective customers, designed to influence the person's”

An example for this would be Phones4U. The sales person has a face-to-face interaction with the consumer; the employee gives a presentation on the product persuading the customer to purchase the item they are trying to sell.

Direct marketing: 

A planned system of contacts seeking to produce a lead or an order. Using any media, direct marketing requires the use of a database and can be measured in costs and results”. (Business studies, Marcouse, I, 2nd edition)

There are many forms of direct marketing these can be direct mail, telemarketing and internet marketing. There are three points in direct marketing these are:

  1. Customised: message is prepared to appeal to the addressed individual
  2. Up-To-Date: message can be prepared quickly
  3. Interactive: message can be changed depending on the person’s response.

Avon “The biggest direct selling beauty company in the world”   They are a catalogue marketing industry that distributes their magazine door to door this creates awareness of the organisation to the customer.  


 Is a paid form of non- personal promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor? It can generate immediate sales and build up a long-term image for product e.g. Coca-Cola adverts.  Nike uses celebrity endorsements such as footballers like Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo in their recent advertisements’. This builds a relationship with the customer because when the consumer sees someone of that status with a pair of Nike trainers on he or she want to be like them therefore, urging their need to buy the product.

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“The marketing process consists of analyzing marketing opportunities; researching and selecting target markets; designing marketing strategies; planning marketing programs and organising, implementing and controlling the marketing effort” (Kotler 2003 pg 112). 

Customer Satisfaction 

An individual’s perception of the performance of the production or service in relation to their expectation. Whether a purchaser is satisfied after a purchase depends on if it offers performance relative to the shopper’s expectations.

Consumers rate their satisfaction with the company’s performance. For ...

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