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Mountain Dew Case Analysis - selecting a commercial

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88- Some good work (your Analysis is pretty good/thorough) but you need to explicitly incorporate your findings into the Recommendations. Your Recos would not convince the others of your choices (or that you are familiar with the Pepsi/BBDO criteria). Check out the other examples and let me know if you have any issues or questions. MKTG 6822 Group 3 Mountain Dew Creative Case William Bradford, Jesse Mignogna, Andrew Reynolds, Daniel Robinson, and Carla Supples June 4, 2010 From: Scott Moffitt, Marketing Director To: BBDO Senior Executives and Senior Level Executives for PepsiCo Subject: Mountain Dew - Creative Ads Analysis 1. Recommendation I recommend that PepsiCo select the Cheetah, Mock Opera and Dew or Die commercials. I further recommend the Dew or Die and Mock Opera commercials be selected for the Super Bowl. These three commercials best capture our strategy, target market, and position Mountain Dew to increase its market share in the foreseeable future. Because... what specifics using the decision criteria/descriptors, etc. that you and BBDO know and use? What would this tell me/the others? How would it convince them (or convince them that you know what you're doing?) I would not recommend: Showstoppers - Dew Dudes are independent minded people and they will not connect well with synchronized sports. ...read more.


The bases for not selecting the ShowStopper or Labor of Love ads are: * Showstopper and Labor of Love portray a theme not in line with the Mountain Dew strategy and do not cater to the target market * Showstoppers depicts a show tune attempting to incorporate extreme sports. It does not resonate with our target market of 18-year old males. * Labor of Love is a different perspective than the others but is based on the delivery of a baby. An 18 year old is not concerned with parenthood nor can relate to this ad's story. Focus needed to be more on the Dew product. 3. Background The CSD market has been dominated historically by Coke and Pepsi. Recent trends; however, including an increased demand for "flavor" CSDs, noncarbonated drinks, and high-caffeine "energy" drinks have diminished their dominance and opened the door for Mountain Dew and other to gain market share. In fact in the past decade CSD industry sales have increased at an average annual rate of 3%, while sales of Mountain Dew have increased at quadruple that rate, averaging 14% increase per year from 1990-1999. Much of this success may be attributed to the powerful brand image created through the amazingly successful "Do the Dew" marketing campaign. ...read more.


Brand Resonance - Parental responsibility does NOT resonant with 18-year-old 'Dew Dudes' Story - Original and creative could be entertaining to some (not 18 yr males) Product Integration - Not so much more of a prop, The baby seems to be the central character/star of the creative Campaign Extension - Parental responsibility is an anchor, that might split up the "Dew Dudes" P&G Screen * Our target consumer, 18 year old males, has clearly responded to similar types of ads. * Therefore there is clear reason to believe that a new set of ads in a similar vein will have an equal effect to keep our target audience. * The new ads provide a fresh perspective on the Dew Dudes while still staying within the same genre. This ensures that the target demographic is sufficiently familiar with the concept for brand recognition, while still providing a unique and memorable experience. 5. Next Steps PepsiCo to move forward with the following steps: * Produce the Cheetahs, Mock Opera and Labor of Love creatives * Plan to debut the Dew or Die and Mock Opera commercials on the Super Bowl o Contact Super Bowl advertisers to reserve spots. * Plan for all three ads to be played on MTV, the Simpsons, and ESPN so the ads reach our targeted market. * Continue to perform market research to assess the impact of the "Dew the Do" campaign ...read more.

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