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Renault Marketing Project

Extracts from this document...


GENERAL INFORMATION "RENAULT" A group with industrial and commercial presence in 118 countries, Renault designs, develops, manufactures and sells innovative, safe and environmentally-friendly vehicles worldwide. Its 128,893 employees contribute to a strategy of profitable growth based on three key factors: competitiveness, innovation and international expansion. Renault is Europe's leading brand, the only vehicle manufacturer to have eight cars with the maximum five-star Euro NCAP rating, and the winner of the Formula 1 World Championship for Constructors and Drivers. The Group is accelerating its international development with the new Logan and pursuing the Alliance with Nissan. The Group's activities are organized in two main Divisions: * Automobile Division: Alongside Renault, this Division includes the brands Samsung and Dacia. The Automobile Division designs, develops and markets passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. In 2006, the contribution was down 0.8% compared with 2005, to EUR39,605 million (95,3% of total revenues). * Sales Financing Division: This Division contributes to Renault's sales and marketing activities. It includes RCI Banque and its subsidiaries, making a total of some 60 companies underpinning the Group's international development. In 2006, the Division reported revenues of EUR1,923 million, 4.6% of total Group revenues. Year 2005 2006 Total revenues (millions of EUR) 41,844(3) 41,528 Renault group production worldwide ( Cars + LCVs) - units (1) 2,527,902 2,346,319 Renault group sales worldwide (Cars + LCVs) - units (1) 2,534,691 2,433,372 Renault group workforce (2) 126,584 128,893 (1)Including Dacia and Renault Samsung Motors (2)Payroll at December 31, 2005 (excluding CASA early retirement plan) (3)2005 2006 scope Accolades Renault cars have performed well in the European Car of the Year awards. The is Clio the only car since the prize's conception in 1964 to win the award twice. � 1966: Renault 16 � 1982: Renault 9 � 1991: Renault Clio � 1997: Renault Sc�nic � 2003: Renault M�gane II � 2006: Renault Clio III The Renault 12 (1970), Renault 5 (1972), Renault 20 (1976), Renault 25 (1985) ...read more.


case,the product is automobiles.Renault has created its pricing strategy for customers in its target market which includes both high and low levels of income. Marketing Objectives,Marketing Mix Strategy,Costs,Organizational Considerations; Also Renault's strategic achievement includes "being the leader in the market permanently".So according to this objective,the prices are set to keep the current level of loyalty and support to maintain the current position in the market.It does not include the pricing strategies to enter new markets.To prevent competition in the market and to remain the leadership,the firm sometimes lowers its prices.Profit maximization is also another goal of the firm so they estimate what the demand and costs will be at different prices and choose the price that will produce the maximum profit or return.Renault tries not to charge lower price,but to differentiate the marketing offer to make it worth a higher price.Renault's quality level requires higher prices than some of its competitors,but not so high like Volvo or some other firms like that.More quality requires more expensive prices. And lastly as any other firm,Renault sets the floor for the price as costs.Renault's Finance Department covers all the company's needs in terms of financing, taxation and customs, cost control, audit, and investor relations. All corporate functions are mobilized to meet this profitability target, in line with clear and structured guidelines. The objectives in terms of growth and competitiveness are detailed and based on precise figures. Actions are organized at all levels, starting with management, which is made responsible for contributing to the profitability of the company. The profitability target is a long-term objective. It cannot be reached to the detriment of the ongoing investments in research and development that will keep Renault at the leading edge of technology. Some of these guidelines include; Precise, ambitious targets for cutting costs � purchasing costs: - 14% in three years � production costs: - 12% in four years � logistics costs: - 9% in four years � overheads: less than 4% of revenue in 2009 (compared with 5.1% in 2005) ...read more.


Direct marketers also use media such as door hangers, package inserts, magazines, newspapers, radio, television, email, internet banner ads, pay-per-click ads, billboards, transit ads, etc. If the ad in the medium asks the prospect to take a specific action--call an 800 number, visit a website, return a response card, place an order, complete a survey, etc.--then the effort is considered to be direct marketing. For example by WWAV Rapp Collins for Renault UK a direct mail and print campaign was prepared to launch the new Renault Megane Hatchback to prospective car buyers in the lower medium car segment. This segment is the largest and most competitive in the UK's auto market. Besides communication tools like sales brochures,catalogs and advertising are used as direct marketing tools. QUESTIONS FOR THE PROJECT 1-What are the levels of product and services? 2-Classfiy the products and the attributes of those products. 3-What are the product line and product mix decisions? 4-Specify the brand's equity and valuation.How did the brand occur? 5-Which strategies are used in the brand development process? 6-Which strategies are used in the new product development process?How is the innovation and the research and development? 7-Explain the product life cycle stage. 8-What are the factors affecting the pricing strategies?Explain. 9-Which pricing approaches are used in general,in producing a new product and in the product mix? 10-Which strategy is used as a price adjustment? 11-How is the supply chain and the value delivery network in the company? 12-Specify the channel levels and explain the marketing systems usd. 13-What kind of distribution channel is used? 14-Explain the logistics,retailers,suppliers working with the firm. 15-How is the communication process and explain the steps in the development of communication in the firm. 16-How does the promotion budget is set? 17-Explain advertising and its steps in the firm. 18-What are sales&business promotion tools used in the firm? 19-Explain the public relations. 20-How is the relationship between the customers and the salespeople? 21-Explain how the salespeople are manages,supervised,recruited,evaluated,compensated and trained in the company. ...read more.

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