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Sales and Non-Sales Functions

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Sales and Non Sales Functions Jeff Miller 6/27/2009 MKT 445 University of Phoenix Instructor Ken Metz Sales and Non Sales Functions To be a well rounded company, management must ensure that the sales and non sales areas work together. Without a team effort the company will not function well and it may cause irreparable financial damage to the company. Black and Decker is a company that works well together on both the non sales and sales areas. Black and Decker is one of the largest power tool manufactures in the world and as such they must have communication between all function of the company, from the product design all the way through to the sales of the product. The company relies heavily in the sales people to sell the product and to keep inventory moving. ...read more.


Every spring Black and Decker rolls out the pressure washers in Home Depots across the nation and encourages the Retail Specialists (RS) to sell, sell, sell. During this time the RS is required to meet a specified number of product orders in each store they service. However, as the RS continues to order the product the production of the pressure washers is slow and the product that is available is being carefully shipped to high volume stores. Here is where the problem lies; Each RS has met with store management to encourage them to order additional product and gain additional floor space only to see very few if any product arrive. The lack of communication between corporate and the sales people has created a negative situation at the store level. ...read more.


In this case the non sales functions had dramatic effects on the sales function. The role of the sales department of any company is to increase revenue, sell the right product to the right people and meet sales goals noted in the strategic plan. In the pressure washer situation Black and Decker was put into an inventory back log business and created a lack of trust between the RS and store management. This lack of communication between the sales and non sales disabled the company to utilize the strategic plan and put the company at risk of loss of sales in the future. The sales department is the link between the customer and the company, to maintain or increase sales it is essential to keep communication open. This will allow the company to utilize the strategic plan and to increase the performance of the sales staff, thus increasing revenue and keeping the warehouse inventory to a minimum. ...read more.

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