The global economic had been worse in the last few year. With the beginning of American’s crisis in loan market due to under-standard interest rate policy, the whole of financial system has been affected negatively and it led to the most serious economic slump all over the world. It affected both developed countries and developing countries. Vietnam was one of the countries influenced most.


By the new political and economic campaign named Doi Moi in 1986, Vietnam switched from centralized economy to socialist-oriented market economy. It allowed farmers to sell goods at free market, appealed foreigners for investing in Vietnam and encouraged private-business. This was the reason of growth in economy of Vietnam by the late 1990s. (Library of Congress – Federal Research Division, pp.8)

In 2001, the government launched 10-year economic plan. This led to the dramatic increase in economic growth from 2002. (Library of Congress – Federal Research Division, pp.8)

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Since 2003, the economy continued to grow. However, due to the economic crisis on the world, Vietnam’s economy performed badly at many aspects.

Vietnam took part in the WTO in January 2007. Since then, the economy of Vietnam gains many achievements.

However, there was a global economic crisis and Vietnam was one of the countries influenced heavily. The economy of Vietnam performed so badly in last two years. In this report, we will understand more clearly what and how the crisis impacts on Vietnam’s economic growth.

Inflation problem

By the crisis in global economy, the inflation ...

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