Planning and Evaluating Your Teaching and Learning.

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Assignment Two

Planning and Evaluating Your Teaching and Learning.

This assignment is a continuous and contemporary review of the planning which you undertake  during your first teaching practice. Each week you are  required  to focus on a different  aspect  of  planning; everything is based  upon lessons  which you have  taught and  evaluated. You therefore need to be aware  of  the  need for  careful ‘advance’ planning. The assignment requires you to select different groups or classes each week you therefore need to understand the  requirements before the event.

An important  feature  of  this  assignment is the  review with your  mentor. You need to show your mentor what you have  written and agree upon targets  for  the  coming week. The  targets  should  be linked to the work you have  completed; e.g. targets  for  the  week commencing  15 January would relate  to the choice  and  development  of  resources.

The purpose  of  this  is to follow up perceived  strengths and areas  for  development in the following week. This will help to ensure continuity from week to week and  help improve your teaching abilities.

The document below gives details of the  planning issues to be  addressed week by week. For each area there  are  a  series  of pointers. This is for your  guidance  and  will help us to  assess your assignments. You will all (hopefully) be writing about  the  same  issues).

In completing  this  assignment  you will obviously be addressing the QTT standards  in the  following  areas:

Planning 3.1. 1.> 4.

Teaching: Monitoring and Assessment 3.2.  1.> 7.

Teaching and Class Management 3.3  1.> 14

The submission date for this assignment is Monday 23 February.

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