"Skeptical scrutiny is the means in both science and religion, by which deep thoughts can be winnowed from nonsense" Carl Sagan

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“Skeptical scrutiny is the means in both science and religion, by which deep thoughts can be winnowed from nonsense” Carl Sagan

        Science and religion are two of a kind in which you look at everything as if it were true until you could verify it. Science is the field of study in which find out knowledge involves systematized observation, experiment and induction. Scientists usually follow the scientific method to find out whether their hypothesis is true or not. The scientific method shows us that scientists have just a hypothesis to believe and the actual fact of the hypothesis is unknown. I believe that science is a subject in which belief and faith plays a very important role in the first few stages of the scientific method. However in religion belief and faith also play a very important role because religion is a branch of life, which cannot survive without the two. Here we can see the similarity between science and religion and how the to have to be proven until every on can say its true. There are many controversial topics which science and religion cannot explain. One of these sorts of topics is the argument on the existence of god. People like Descartes said that if you could think of god the there might be a god to think of. Even people like Descartes could prove the existence of god with the help of science.

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        Science built on hypothesis (something not true until proven), which then makes up into a theory (proven). This is where the scientific method comes in. The scientific method is what scientists would follow in order to reach to the theory. There are many limitations to the scientific method. These limitations are that the scientific method are limited to what can be observed with the five senses, also that it is limited to how a process works, not why and also that scientific method is amoral and lastly it cannot deal with uniqueness. This is why science is unreliable. Over the ...

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