Annotated Bibliography - How the EU works and History.

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Part A: Annotated Bibliography

How EU works and History, Retrieved from

 on 26th November 2012

This is one of the Official websites of the European Union and its Parliament. The website is up dated with all the latest up dates on regular bases. This website is a promary source of the European Union Law and it tells us all about the  EU. It gives detail explanation of the purpose of European Union and how its various instuations works. Not only this, but it also covers the EU finances, legal foundations, policies and all its activities. Unfortunately, the website does not mention the authors name nor its place of publication. I have used this source frequently throughout my assisment as it has a great source of information and explains every thing about the functions, History and the formation of European Union. We can say that the Europa website focuses only on the side of the European Union officials and ignores other public opinion in its information. In other words, we can say the website is biased but I still decided to use this website as I find it a excellent source of my coursework as it provides vast information which is relevant for my coursework and the information seems to be quiet well laid out.

Foster, N. (2010). Eu law directions. (2nd  ed.). New york: Oxford University Press.

This is Nigel Fosters Edition of the EU LAW Direction textbook which was published in 2012 by New york: Oxford Press. This is the latest book of the author and contains a lot of detailed information about the European Union. Nigel Foster is a well known author and a professor of the European Law at Buckingham University. Blackstone's Statute Books are Nigel Fosters most successful books ever written. Not only this but he has also written number of articles on the European Union. I have used this book as a secondary source for my coursework as it holds a vast information about the European Union and its History. This books was really useful to me from the start of my essay as the information provided is in easy english and therefore easy to understand.


Fairust, J. (2010), Law of the European Union(8th ed). Edinburgh; Pearson Education Ltd

This is the eight edition of John Fairhust textbook of Law of European Union. He is an well-known author and head of Law School at Birmingham Law School and was the head of Law School and Associate Dean at Angelia Ruskin University. He is also a former Jean Monnet Tutor in EU Law and GDL (CPE) course director at university of Huddersfield. I found this book effective and easy to understand as it has vast information about the constitutional and administration Law of The European Union with detail explanation of the European Union, Sources of EU Law, EU institutions, etc. This has been of great help in writing my essay from introduction to Conclusion.


Theories of interrogation provides detail explanation of how and why the supranational government has developed. The main focus of this coursework will be mainly on inteergovermentalism and theories of interrogation which explains the historical factors and development of the European Union.

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Interrogation theories of European Union provides explanations of the different stages and patters of development. The aim of the different stages and patterns of development. The aim of European Union to achieve intergovermentlism by peaceful means. Intergovermentalism decisions requires an agreement of all the parties acting together as one and are rarely enforceable and if son then only between the agreed states, not the citizens of the states. The independent nation are the states that come together but does not give up sovereignty.

Suprantionalism are the independent/autonomous bodies, and they make decisions at higher level. The decisions can override ...

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