Company Law – 3LAW0086

Coursework Question

“The law on directors’ duties has been transformed by the Companies Act 2006, which has put the whole subject on a statutory basis for the first time. The new general duties stated in ss171 to 177 are based on the equitable principles relating to fiduciary duties and the common law of negligence…”

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Mayson, French and Ryan Company Law 24th Edition 2007.

“Following the company law debate, in order to ensure that the duties become clearer, and to encourage companies to behave in a more socially responsible way, the legislature in the Companies [Act] 2006 has provided a new statutory formulation to underscore the broader aims that directors should promote.”

Arsalidou, D Shareholder primacy in Cl. 173 of the Company Law Bill 2006 Company Lawyer (2007)

Undertake a critical evaluation on whether the new statutory form of directors’ duties does make the duties a director owes clearer and offer ...

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