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In my essay Im going to look what Human rights are and who is entitled to Human rights. I will mainly focus on the declaration of human rights since it is the most recent establishment of human rights.

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What are Human Rights? Human rights have always been very controversial. Since the existing of mankind rulers have always set up some kind of human rights to control their citizen or to give them the freedom they needed. But never has freedom been enjoyed that much as in today's western culture. Especially after the declaration of human rights, which tries to give everyone no matter what religion, inheritance or culture they belong too. However on the other hand many people argue that the declaration of human rights in mainly a western concept and shouldn't be imposed on non western countries. In my essay I'm going to look what Human rights are and who is entitled to Human rights. I will mainly focus on the declaration of human rights since it is the most recent establishment of human rights. 1"Human rights is not a thing but a concept, a way of thinking and making claims about certain events. These claims derive from morals rules and are expressed in legal terms or United Nations dialect." ...read more.


Many people argue that the convention of Human rights is one of the most fundamental establishments for the benefit of human rights, because it forces human rights on the countries, which signed the declaration and previously did not have any human rights. But fact is that the convention of human rights was created at the time of the Second World War, when the west was desperately in the search of a concept of rights, which would make every human being equal despite all religious, cultural and racial differences. However some people argue 4"if the history of the concept is Western, its validity cannot be universal" but should only be limited on Western countries. People in the west have different views then the rest of the world. So how can one group of people impose their rights on another who doesn't share the same culture or religion? They might think the way they lived for 100 of years is the right way of living and who are we human being judging other people whether they are right or wrong? ...read more.


6"Every Human being is free...Everyone has the right to life...No one shall be held in slavery" But in reality the main question is whether these right are right or wrong and who decides whether they are and if you have the right to impose them on people who don't have the same beliefs as you. In conclusion I believe that human rights are set of rules, which want to give every human being equal rights. However the problem, which then occurs is who makes those rights. If it's a human being, how do we know if he is right or wrong? Everything could be right or wrong but you don't know. It is your upbringing, society, culture religion and peers who influence how you decide whether something is right or wrong. Is it God who should make the ultimate human rights, since he is faultless? But then you would have to prove that god exists. Moreover the question arises if we think we have the right human rights, should we really be imposing them on other countries. All these questions are to complex, therefore I believe that everyone has to search for their definition own human rights, since human rights are just ideologies. ...read more.

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