Chapter 3 The History of Software Industry

3.1 Introduction

In recent years, the development of the computerising on management of the China enterprise is speeding, especially the giant ones, which begin to utilise information technology to improve managing method, boost the efficiency and increase the performance. During the implementation of the ERP system, more and more SMEs also use the software on finance and business management, this results in the expansion of the management software market.

According to the stastics, the sales revenue of domestic software is 25.8 billion RMB in fiscal year 1997; 35.1 billion RMB in 1998, increase 36%; in 1999 this figure is 48 billion RMB, the software includes: MPRII/ERP system, financial management, business management, HRM etc.

Until now, the China software has been developing for 10 years, it can be divided into four stages: accounting, financial management, enterprise management, total management.

3.2 Chinese Market

In the domestic market, the management software begins from 1990s and it is not so successful, some software manufacturer researched in the enterprise management software in light of the model: MPRII, but the sales can not compare with the financial software in the past.

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On 26th June, 1998, the members of China Software Industry League gave the press conference to declare the R&D and distribution of management software.

At present, the main characteristic of the China management software is the total and integrated management to the cash flow, logistics and information flow of the enterprise. From the structure of the software, the every model of the software must be integrated and then can show its performance to increase managing level; from the function of the software, it does not only include financial management, salary management, payable account management, fixed assets management, purchasing management, sales management, ...

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