Contemporary advertising has been formed with the development of mass communication media.

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Contemporary advertising has been formed with the development of mass communication media. Besides newspaper, magazine, radio and broadcast TV as four mass communication media, older type of media such as billboard and newer type as internet coexist for advertising. What type of medium is used more than the other medium differs between nations. There is big difference in the usage of advertising media between the U.S. and Japan.

source:Bob Coen's historical advertising data

Advertising Expenditure in Japan,
Dentsu Inc. 2001

We can not compare between them completely because the taxonomy of the media differs by nation. For example, in Japan, Dentsu does not announce the expenditure of business publication apart from magazine.

As we can see in these figure, in the U.S., print media such as newspaper and direct mail are heavily used and the use of broadcast TV and cable TV are relatively low. In Japan, broadcast TV is the most heavily used medium. Out of home media and transit advertising may be distinctive media, for most of Japanese use public transportation to commute. The use of direct mail, cable TV and satellite broadcasting are not so high till now.

Either in the U.S. and Japan, the percentage of Internet advertising are not so high now, but it is obvious that it is growing very fast.

Dentsu has started to estimate internet advertising expenditure only 5 years ago. But new medium always grows quickly. We can confirm from the fact when radio and broadcast TV started.

Advertising Expenditure in Japan,
Dentsu Inc. 2001

Note: Radio started in 1951, Broadcast TV started in 1953,
Satellite media (originally called as new media) estimation started in 1985, Internet estimation started in 1996.

In Japan, the expansion rate of broadcast TV advertising expenditure was notable in its first 10 years. Compared to it, radio and satellite and cable showed rather modest growth. In the case of internet, though Dentsu data is available only for five years, it grows surprisingly fast and we can expect its bright future.

According to Impress, the population of internet user in Japan is estimated about 32.64 million, household diffusion rate of internet, household with at least one person who can use internet, is reaching about 46.5%.

2. The role of advertising on the internet

Do consumers recognize that advertising support media?

Internet as well as other media, we can enjoy almost all web site free of charge thanks to advertising on it. But users sometimes search information conatively using internet, advertisements which occupy some part of the page and try to catch their eyes look burdensome and disturbing their works. It may be worse than any other media.

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How can we persuade internet user of the merit of advertising?

The more users think internet advertising burdensome and avoid to see it, the less the value of the advertising will be. If many advertiser stop using internet advertising, free sites will be no more. User will be requested to pay some charge to use their favorite web sites in the future. To persuade them that advertising is inevitable to use web sites free of charge, it must be not bad to some sites declare to start subscription. Users who hate subscription will understand the role of advertising on the ...

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