"Do We Want To Follow New York& Be Smoke- Free"?

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Text Analysis; Evening Standard (London), October 27, 2003

“Do We Want To Follow New York & Be Smoke- Free”

(Ross Lydall; Alexis Akwagyiram)

The Evening Standard is published by Associated Newspapers Ltd which is the management company for five major newspapers; Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday, Evening Standard, London Metro, Ireland on Sunday as well as the advertising publication, The Loot. The Evening Standard is the only evening newspaper in London, published daily, and is generally perceived as being the first paper to break important news thus setting the agenda for the next day’s news. It is a tabloid newspaper with certain assertions to being an ‘intelligent’ tabloid. Associated newspapers are known to be a company right of the middle, with its politics most characterised by The Daily Mail.  It publishes four editions throughout the day (between 8.00am and 4.00pm) and has a daily circulation in excess of 424,000 and an estimated readership of 1 million. The paper also comes with a supplement four times a week and Metro Life on a Thursday which contains all the information concerning what is happening in London for the forthcoming week in relation to cinema, clubbing and the arts. The general readership is made up of commuters as the paper has its own newsstands set up around the capital as well as sellers at traffic lights and around train and underground stations. The content is generally specific to its audience as it regularly reports on London issues and prides itself on this and utilises it as a selling point.

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This article concerns the proposed smoking-bans in London’s public places after its introduction in New York and San Francisco and its active encouragement in California. The headline is surprisingly understated and appears almost conversational as if an invitation to debate as opposed to a strict call to support or opposition. The article promotes a survey, “the biggest ever about the contentious issue” and provides information about how to access the survey on the internet, in itself an indication of the audience (i.e. that they have access to the internet through work or home which suggests a middle class market). ...

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