For my media coursework I have chosen the epic sequel to the smash hit the "terminator", "terminator 2". James Cameron

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      For my media coursework I have chosen the epic sequel to the smash hit the “terminator”, “terminator 2”. James Cameron who also directed aliens, true lies, titanic and many more directed it. It was realised in 1991 7 years after “the terminator.  Carolco Pictures, Inc. produced me and it was the approximated time of the film is 2 hours and 20 mins. The cast includes Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Robert Patrick, Edward furlong, earl boen, Joe Morton, s. Epatha merkerson, Jenette Goldstein, xander Berkeley. Terminator 2 is the sequel to the first Terminator in 1984. Terminator 2 was made in 1991 with a $100,000,000 US. It made $514,800,000 (worldwide). It was a very big hit and still is, it had state of the art special effects and an excellent script.

      Terminator 2 is about the how a nuclear bomb this wipes out most of mankind and leaves the survivors to fight off a new enemy the machines. Like before a terminator is sent back in time to kill Sarah o’ Connor this failed and like before she had a protector. Now a terminator has been sent back to kill john Connor Sarah’s son who will later become a great general who fights off the machines and leads the humans to freedom.  But this time the protector sent to save john Connor as a child is a machine.

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     Terminator 2 falls in the genre of sci-fi fantasy and is a sequel to the epic “the terminator “, James Cameron also directed aliens and that also falls into the genre of sci-fi fantasy, out of the list of films James Cameron has done I believe this is the best. Often films that fall into the science fiction genre include how machines can help mankind for the better. Other films that do this other terminator and terminator 2 are * Demolition Man * Blade Runner * Alien *The Terminator * Star Wars.

   Titanic  (1997) Strange Days ...

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