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The following essay will discuss old media and new media by means of comparing and distinguishing between the two, it will state the arguments raised by new media supporters and critics and a conclusion will be reached on either new media or old media is better and wether new media replaces old media completely.

New media has to do with the emergence of digital, computerized, or networked information and communication technology hence most technologies described as new media are digital and comprise of  characteristics of being manipulatable, information can be easily pervaded and it is dense, A good example of new media is the internet as Flew (2005) put it “ new media has commonly been equated with the internet” whereas old media comprise of all mediums that existed before the introduction of the internet e.g. cable television, radio, movie and music studios, newspapers, broadcast and magazine, books and most publications. Popularity and preference of new media does not replace old media completely for example the rise of internet television did not mean the end of television.  

 Networks play a significant role in distinguishing new media to old media as it is indicated by the changes that took place after the introduction of interconnected and interactive network which enabled the transmission of information from the sender to be the same even to the receiver. Unlike in the past information is able to flow at a faster rate regardless of geographical location which was the case in the past because of telephony systems “which had been based upon circuit switching and geographically limited networks” (Flew:2005). Networking also develops as a result of network development as Holmes (2005: 184) argued “New media has the ability to connect like-minded others worldwide.”

In the new media network is decentralised unlike in the old media wherein it was centralised and controlled to promote the interest of those in control as Castells (1996 as cited by Flew:2005) argued “the development of a global and growing decentralised communications network with the internet, combined with the growing importance of information and knowledge as the basis of competitive advantage in the economy as well as other spheres, means that the network form increasingly shapes the logic of social interaction across diverse spheres of social interaction”.

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 The degree of convergence distinguishes old media and new media. Convergence is the combination of computing and other information of technologies, media content and communication networks that  were given rise to by the introduction and growth in importance of the internet as well as the activities, products and services that have emerged in the digital media space ( Poor:2006). In the past “Television and radio signals were carried over the airwaves; telephony was carried across single-form networks and exchange; and computers either took a form of stand-alone mainframes or battery-operated forms such as pocket calculators” (Flew: 2005). Due to this ...

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