Psycho - Much of the films narrative occurs when there is little or no spoken dialogue.

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Much of the films narrative occurs when there is little or no spoken dialogue. With reference to at least 2 scenes explore ways this is done

Psycho was a hit film made in 1962, directed by Alfred Hitchcock. The film only cost 800,000 dollars to make and earned more than 40 million dollars in sales at the box office and merchandising.

 The story was based on a book written by Robert Bloch. The ending of this film is so plot twisting and drastic the author of the book bought as many copies of it as he could to prevent the ending being given away to the audience of the film.

Alfred Hitchcock directed other hit films such as Birds, Vertigo and other great movies. Each and every one of his films he stared in a cameo appearance.

 A theme which Hitchcock applies throughout the film is ‘birds’, there are many references to birds through the film, examples are Marion’s name Craine, Norman’s reference to Marion’s eating like a bird and the excessive amount of birds Norman has in his parlour.


The plot is about an office worker called Marion Craine, she is fed up with life because she has to meet her lover Sam in her lunch breaks and they cannot get married because Sam has to give most of his money away in maintenance to his ex-wife. One day Marion takes the opportunity to steal 40,000 dollars and start a new life. Marion drives towards Sam’s home. Tired after a long drive and caught in a storm she pulls in to Bates Motel, the Motel is run by a quite young man called Norman. Marion thinks, Norman is dominated by his Mother. After dinner, in the Motel Marion goes back to her room for a shower. She is murdered in the shower. The murder is investigated. You are led to think that the murderer is Normans Mother but in the end scene it is shown to be Norman dressed as his Mother. We discover that his mother has been dead for many years and kept in Normans fruit Cellar.

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Much of the films narrative occurs when there is little or no spoken dialogue, this tends to be a feature of Hitchcock’s films and something he is famous for. Psycho is one of the most famous and some people would say frightening films ever.

It is scary because of the way the suspense builds up, when there is no spoken word, it gives Hitchcock the opportunity to use other medium for example music, sound and different angle shots to set the scene.

 If we look at two scenes we can demonstrate in more detail how this narrative occurs.


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