Ravinder Dhaliwal

Presenting Information

Unit 1

Report on the six attached documents

Survival Game Newsletter

Topic- The first document I looked at is "The Survival Games Newsletter". This is a newsletter about the survival games in Autumn 1995.

2 Purpose - The purpose of the newsletter is to promote the games, inform about what will be happening at the games and when they will be taking place. The newsletter also advertises the event to potential participants.

3 Audience - The audience for the newsletter are young adults male and female who like sports and would be interested in taking part in the games. The audience could also be for the older age groups in their 30's or 40's who want to have fun and feel younger.

4 Common Elements - The common elements of the newsletter are as follows:

* Heading

* Sub Heading

* Issue No.

* Graphics

* Columns layout

* Body of Text

* Date

This newsletter contains most of these elements but it doesn't have an issue number anywhere on it. This is a bed thing because it makes it look unprofessional to readers.

5 Language/ Structure - The newsletter uses short sentences and paragraphs. This is to keep the readers intereted. Large blocks of text become tedious to read and people will lose interest very quickly.

The language of newsletter is emotive, it is designed to excite the reader and to keep them interested in what they are reading. It is easy to read but does contain some technical words which may be hard for some to understand. They use words like "bang" and "firepower" to grab the attention of the reader. The language is informal this makes the newsletter look less professional and gives it a more friendly approach.

6 Page layout/ Appearance - The newsletter is laid out in columns. This is a common standard of presentation I all newsletters. This newsletter has three columns, which start one cm under the main heading. The gutters between all three of the columns are the same exactly 1.3 cm. This only applies to the text and images in the columns. The text boxes over lap into the gutters between the columns. The heading has been centred to the middle of the top of the document about a cm above the three columns of the page.

A textbox has been placed at the bottom of the newsletter it stretches across the right and the middle columns. Finishing about half a cm before the text in the left hand column. This textbox has a black outline around it with a 1-point line weight. This makes it stand out and draw the reader's attention to it.

A single line border with a line weight of about one point has been used around the heading. This helps to make it standout on the page. The company's logo has just been placed in the same position at either side of the heading inside the board to help jazz the newsletter up. The whole length of this newsletter is about half a cm space on all sides from the boarder to the text inside.

7 Margins - The top and bottom margins on the newsletter look like they have been made smaller to allow more space for the text. However the side margins look like they have been left same as the default settings.

8 Textual Styles - all the text on the newsletter has been written in Times New Roman font this is a Serif Font, it is the default font for producing a document because it is clear to read and look smart. The heading has been centred to the middle of the top of the document about a cm above the three columns of the page.

The first line of the main heading is in size 28 point font. The second line is in size 20 point font this has been centred under it. The main sub headings of the document are emphasised using bold text and a larger font size 14 point. There are also heading under the sub heading, these are emphasized by using underlined text. All the headings and subheading of the document are in capital letters to make them stand out.

The entire subheadings in the text have been centre aligned within their columns. In the text box at the bottom of the newsletter the months have been emphasized with bold text. Tabs have been used to align the information on the box.

9 Paragraph Formatting - the newsletter is out using paragraphs, these is a new sub heading for every new paragraphs of text within the document. These are five paragraphs of text on the newsletter. The text in these paragraphs has been justified. This makes the text look neater in the columns.

Text boxes have been used to emphasize important information such as contact details and dates to remember. The information in most of these text boxes has been typed in capitals letters to make it stand out. It has also been centred.

0 Spacing - There are some inconsistencies in the spacing on the newsletter. Most of the elements in the body of the newsletter have one line space in-between them however the title for the first paragraph doesn't, this is an inconsistent and doesn't look very professional.

1 Special Presentation Styles - This newsletter has some special presentation styles these include a boarder around the heading and images. This newsletter does not have an index. The newsletter does not contain any background colours or shading. These could have been added to make it more interesting.

2 Graphics - There are three images on the newsletter not counting the logo in the heading. These are cartoon images of people doing some of the sports mentioned in the newsletter.

These images look like they were taken from clip art. Images taken from the internet or photographs take at one of the events might have been better on the newsletter. They would be more suitable for the newsletter because they would give it a more professional and adult look. They would also help to show in more detail what the games are all about.

Peak Performance Newsletter

Topic - the topic of this newsletter is athlete's workout and which one workout is best for getting into the best shape and making the most of your potential.

2 Audience - The audience for the newsletter is athletic enthusiasts who are interested in trying to improve their fitness and training routines.

3 Purpose - The purpose of the newsletter is to inform athletes about the different workouts avaible to them and to help then work out which one would suit them best. Also to help them reach their maximum potential.

4 Common Elements - The newsletter contains all the common elements of a newsletter these are:

* Heading

* Sub Heading

* Issue No.

* Graphics

* Columns layout

* Body of Text

* Date

All of these elements have been included in the newsletter.

5 Language/ Structure - The language of the newsletter is very high level specific to suit the audience. It is designed to be very informative and to give advice. A lot of long words have been used in the newsletter. The language has been designed to suit the audience it uses technical language which only people interested in the topic would be able to understand. The text so laid out in large paragraphs and is very tedious to read.

6 Page layout/ Appearance - the first item of information on this newsletter is the issue number. This is aligned to the top right of the page and had been made bold to emphasize it. It is in Arial, which is a San Serif font and size 10 points. This issue number is 169, which shows the newsletter has been in printed for a considerable length of time.

One line under this is a band of black shading across the page it is four mm high and 18 cm long. This contains the date of the issue this is also done in bold it is also in Ariel, 10 point, but it is white. It has been aligned to the left of the page under the issue number.

The heading of the newsletter itself is again arial font and point 36 fonts. The first word "perk" is on one line and the word "Performance" is on the line underneath it. Together both the words are 3.3 cm high this is the same height as the image to the left of it.
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Above the word performance and next to "peak" in the title there is a short description of the newsletter, which says "The research newsletter on stamina. Strength and fitness" this text is emphasized in bold to make it stand out. This text has been aligned to the right. Under the heading there is a shaded black band like at the top but slightly thinner than the one at the top it is 2 mm high.

One line under the heading the columns of the newsletter start. This newsletter has been spilt into three columns. The first ...

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