Should the Press be completely free?

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Should the Press be completely free

In a world which believes that every man should have the freedom of speaking whatever he or she wants to, it seems so important that the press be given complete freedom.  Complete freedom here means that the press should not be interfered with in any way and that they should be allowed to publish just about anything that they wish to produce that would be importance and beneficial to public at large.  The truth is that the press has been fighting for just this very freedom from the time it started.

In some part of the world, the press seems to have more freedom than in other parts.  For example, in communist countries, the press belongs to the state and can publish anything it likes, as long as it is on the side of the state and protects the state’s interests.  In other words, it is a mouthpiece of the state – nothing more.  In most democratic countries the press has a certain measure of freedom.  I can raise its voice against the government and in fact can belong wholly to an opposition party and attack the government of the day, as long as it keeps within the law.  Herein lies the catch:   It is the government which decides what the law is.

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If one follows this lien of argument, what may happen is that the press’s freedom can be curbed by just passing new laws.  This is possible in a country where the ruling party is very powerful and where the opposition parties are weak or not vociferous.    It is possible for the government to decide what is good for the country and may even go as far as banning the paper.  But then again, the people are supreme.  They can always vote the government out if it practices anything unfair.

If governments are amenable and allow the press ...

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