Were Arab doctors better than European doctors in the middle ages?

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Were Arab doctors better than European

doctors in the middle ages?


N the middle ages, there were many changes that would affect knowledge of medicine a lot. In the middle ages, lot of events occurred, the fall of the Roman Empire, the Black Death and Great Fire of London but during this time, knowledge of medicine was improving a lot in some parts of the world. This was mainly thanks to some doctors like Galen and Hippocrates but now there were new legends, doctors like Rhazes (al Rhasi) and Avicenna (Ibn Sina). Although knowledge of medicine was improving, it was on a brink of being lost forever. The Roman Empire collapsed and Saxons and Vikings destroyed everything Romans made including the universities and the libraries where the medical knowledge was kept. That’s when the Arabs come in. The Arabs saved and kept few of the books written by Galen and Hippocrates and translated them. The medical knowledge was rescued from total loss.

        Arab countries at this point had now more and better medical knowledge then European countries but as the middle ages went by, the Europeans will soon catch up. It was religion that mainly hindered medical knowledge in Europe but in the Middle East, Islamic Religious influence was actually helping the course of medicine as Islam encouraged Hygiene and Cleanliness. This was done by bathing once a week, brushing teeth, trimming nails, keep homes clean and keep healthy and sick people apart and so on but only thing that hindered medical knowledge due to Islam was that they weren’t allowed to dissect the body. This wasn’t a much of a problem as many ideas of the anatomy were already discovered anyway. Based on the Qu’ran, the Islamic Holy book, there were clear instructions on responsibilities such as rich providing for the poor and the healthy caring for sick, so this led to hospitals being built. There were many hospitals being built all over the Arab countries especially in Baghdad where they had sixty hospitals where at this point London had built one hospital. So far Islamic medical knowledge was far more advanced then the European medical knowledge as this point.

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        One of the doctors working in a Baghdad hospital was Rhazes (al-Razi). He made many discoveries which would help knowledge of medicine a lot. Rhazes was a Persian doctor who worked in hospitals of Baghdad around AD900. As medical knowledge was lost in Europe, Rhazes was one of few who saved the books and translated them. He put some of the ideas from the Greek doctors, such as Hippocrates advice of observing patients carefully and taking notes, into his own book, the ‘Al-Hawi’. This advice led him to make a dramatic discovery of the difference between measles and smallpox. This ...

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