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University Degree: Miscellaneous

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    The democratic deficit can be closed by simply extending the powers of the European Parliament

    4 star(s)

    that has been advocated by scholars such as Weiler in the 1990's, but there is much more to the problem than the European Parliament not having a proportionate amount of power (George and Bache. 269: 2006). This is only part of the institutional aspect of the democratic deficit. There is also the socio-psychological angle, as well as the possibility the deficit has been miss interpreted, and the problem is in fact one of credibility. This essay sets out to uncover the different aspects of the democratic deficit and tries to suggest possible solutions to the problem.

    • Word count: 2629
  2. Where you live can affect your health and well-being

    18). The report shows that health is influenced by where we live and the main causes of health influence one another and are connected. This essay will draw on negative and positive impacts that neighborhoods can have on health and well-being by focusing on data obtained from focus groups of women and men, of different ages and different ethic origins entitled "Women and men talking about poverty" (Yeandle, Escott, Grant and Batty, 2008, p. 55). It also focuss on the Thornhill Plus You project, a community health project which was provided by funding from the government in a small community centered around Thornhill housing estate in Southampton.

    • Word count: 2191
  3. The main responsibility for ensuring that care is not poor quality, unsafe or abusive lies with front-line care workers.

    who required care after she broke both her wrists, chest bone and sternum; Rosalie Williams (K101, Unit 17, p. 30) who has severe learning difficulties and displayed challenging behaviour by punching a support worker; and Cedar Court Nursing Home (K101, Unit 17, p.48) where abusive care becomes normal practice. The essay will use these case studies to argue that it is not the main responsibility of front-line care workers to ensure that care is not poor quality, unsafe or abusive, but that it is a shared responsibility amongst the front-line care worker, management and organisations and the service user.

    • Word count: 2100
  4. Do person-centred care services enable service users to lead normal lives?

    A person's identity is extremely important in health and social care because identity is related to how people perceive themselves and how other people perceive them. Identity is relevant to both service providers and users, since the relationships between them are formed by the way they identify with each other. Individuals have many different and multi-faceted identities, and social factors contribute significantly to the development, acceptance or rejection of these identities. Moreover, some service users can be stereotyped as abnormal or different.

    • Word count: 2334
  5. Global Warming and the Two-Part Solution. In The Environmental Issue from h**l, Bill McKibben argues for a new approach to global warming.

    McKibben points out that, "most of us live lives so divorced from the natural world that we hardly notice the changes anyway." (McKibben) Let's say that if it gets hotter out, we would just turn our AC up and not think anything of it. These new technologies are not letting us feel the consequences of global warming causing us to be completely ignorant of it. That is why it is so important to make people realize now because, "By the time the magnitude of the change is truly in our faces, it will be too late to do much about it."(McKibben)

    • Word count: 686
  6. Argument Analysis - In Hecho en Amrica, Jeanne Marie Laskas, a correspondent for GQ Magazine, recounts the season that she spent picking blueberries in Maine alongside the constant wanderers who put fruit on our table.

    To attempt to gain a better understanding of how immigrants in the United States live, Laskas spent a season in Maine with a group of immigrants, picking wild blueberries. The result? She seems more knowledgeable on the subject, therefore her intended audience, middle-class citizens, are more inclined to have confidence in her words. It makes her seem like she has the best interest of the people in mind. Laskas' experiences on the blueberry farm influence her opinion on immigration, which affects the entire article.

    • Word count: 1042
  7. Plagiarism, nuisance or crime?

    to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one's own 2. to use (another's production) without crediting the source 3. to commit literary theft 4. to present as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing source. Through the different descriptions of the word it is clear that plagiarism is viewed as an act of dishonesty and by some definitions could even qualify as a fraudulent act. 3. 3. MYTH OR REALITY? Plagiarism seems to not only be a very real issue for students today, but seems to be a pressing and growing concern for the institutions mandated with the education of these students.

    • Word count: 1340
  8. Theology Statement. As an individual constantly seeking out intellectual challenges, I believe that Religious Studies and Theology would give me a genuine opportunity to stretch and test myself. I believe it would also fulfil my desire to study a subject

    Although studying a purely Philosophical and Ethical course at AS level, discussions with my teachers regarding other faiths and religions, such as Buddhism, has led to a broader curiosity in the subject. As a member of Christian Union, I deepened my enthusiasm for the subject and have increased my understanding and knowledge of both the Bible and Christian events, in particular, Christian Theology and its history. Religion is something that really inspires and drives me, and it is something that I take enormous pleasure in studying.

    • Word count: 650
  9. Freud's Key theories on personality and human development

    Conscious thoughts are in full awareness, these feelings or thoughts are placed at the front. They can be easily read and tend to be logical, obeying the laws of reason. Pre-conscious thoughts are rather like recalled memories such as phone numbers or names. These memories have been placed in an easy access file, you have to search for a while, but you?ll eventually find them! Unconscious thoughts are thoughts and feelings that have been forgotten, pushed to the depths of the filing cabinet, some are ancient and dusty; others so painful they are folded up tight and placed in a top secret file!

    • Word count: 1500
  10. Critically reflect on and evaluate the academic skills you need to develop in order to succeed on your degree course. In particular, explain how participation in the group project has helped you develop these skills and learn about the topic you studied.

    Business Economics and Finance is a course related to careers in business, management and economics. Thus in order to achieve the goal of becoming a professional economist, manager or financier, student should analyse his current personal skills and find out weaknesses which he is going to get rid of in those three years spent at University. Firstly, student has to learn how to manage his time. Author Robert Half (1997 p. 79) claims that the skill of time management is becoming very important in order to function in today's busy world, "which calls on us to accomplish more -- with, of course, less time".

    • Word count: 1584
  11. Plagiarism at English-speaking tertiary institution is not a crime that students intentionally commit; instead it is merely inappropriate behavior that occurs as a result of imperfect understandings of academic cultural conventions. Discuss the ab

    This essay will argue about how plagiarism can be minimized. The following items are examples of plagiarism, considered as a crime from the lowest to serious offences: "Sham paraphrasing": Substance and material copied word for word from the text and source acknowledged but represented as restated and paraphrased. "Illicit paraphrasing": Substance and material restated from text but without acknowledgement or act of recognizing."Other plagiarism": Material copied from assignment of other students with awareness of the other student."Verbatim copying": Substance and material copied word for word from the text without acknowledgement of the origin."Self-plagiarism" or "recycling": Use of same assignment for

    • Word count: 859
  12. Annotated Bibliography

    The study was conducted among 258 healthy men with age group of 40-49, randomly selected from a population. All of the participant undergo overnight polysomnography and electron-beam computed tomography to measure their apnea�Vhypopnea index (AHI) and degree of CAC to get the baseline of the participants before conducting the experiment. Results from the experiment proved that obesity was associated with obstructive sleep apnea as participants who recorded a high reading during the AHI test showed weight gain as compared to participants with low reading of AHI. Ratings : 6.5 Kim, S.H.,Cho, G.-Y.,Baik, I.,Kim, J.,Kim, S.J.,Lee, J.B.,Lim, H.E.,Lim, S.Y.,Park, J.,Shin, C.

    • Word count: 3482
  13. Muscle contraction

    Then the energized myosin head binds to the unblocked myosin-binding site on the actin molecule in cross-bridge formation. An inorganic phosphate is released from the myosin head, initiating the power stroke that allows the myosin head to rotates and bends as it pulls the thin filament toward the center of the sarcomere. As a result of the power stroke, ADP is released from the mysosin head. Then another ATP attaches to the myosin head, breaks down to ADP and inorganic phosphate, which provides enough energy for the myosin head to lift-off and end the cross bridge so that it'll be free to reattach to the next actin molecule.

    • Word count: 1861
  14. Beef Production

    Also, Black Angus are a more desirable breed to farm compared to others, as they are completely black in colour and have dark eyes. For example Herefords are known for their light eyes and are prone to eye cancer. (D'Arcy, M, 2011) This is important as it is very popular among the Japanese market, which is one of our major exporting countries for Australia's beef Abundance of Beef Production Enterprises in Australia Bull selection: Sire selection is an important procedure as it will affect the future performance of the herd.

    • Word count: 1961
  15. Socioeconomic factors and Obesity

    I was curious to find out what would have a more impact on obesity rates: having excess money or not having enough money. Another factor to consider while comparing high-income and low-income families in correlation with obesity rates is the cost of sports; "the opportunity to take part in sports programs is much more limited for parents with lower income, simply because the costs of these programs are often remarkably high" (Taylor, 1). Those individuals and/or families that receive lower income or are in poverty simply would not be able to afford for their children to be involved in extra-curricular activities.

    • Word count: 1890
  16. What is Ethics

    In this paper I will talk about two different companies whose strategies of making a profit are quite different. Moral philosophy to businesses is different than for the average human. For businesses they bend what is right and wrong to benefit them so that they can make a profit from us the consumer by getting us to go along with their ideas and purchase their products. Ethics of Sales and Marketing When thinking about companies and products with ethical standards, commercial marketing comes to my mind.

    • Word count: 2458
  17. Core competences of Virgin atlantic

    (Evans et.al, 2003; pg 49) Every industry has some superior performers who have some strategic capability which enables them to outperform their competitors. This includes the resources and competences of an organisation necessary for its survival. According to Johnson (2002) organisations have some tangible resources such as people, machinery, finance and some intangible resources such as skills, knowledge, reputation and information. The efficiency and effectiveness by which an organisation uses its resources is termed as competence. Competences can be developed internally or acquired externally by suppliers, customers or distributors.

    • Word count: 2763
  18. Plato V Aristotle The good Life

    Desire is the part of the soul which creates a hunger or want for things. Plato refers to the spirit as where your honour and self-respect lies. The reason or rational part of your soul judges what is good for the soul as a whole and is needed to make good decisions. Everyone has these three parts to their soul but it is those that are correctly proportioned that are truly virtuous. Plato goes on to state that for a person to be virtuous all desires must be extinguished and those desires must become longing for truth and goodness.

    • Word count: 1658
  19. Matrix - belonging

    truth, no real love, no real god, no real peace, all evidence unreal, while the real makers exist primarily to secure and sustain their seats of power in the real world. The real world setting outside of the matrix is somewhere around the year 2199. The real world is a dark and desolate world that has been unintentionally destroyed by humans alone as a result of them fighting for control over their lives against the machines they once created to help them.

    • Word count: 1871
  20. Contract acceptance and termination

    This means that the original offer had ceased to exist once a counter-offer had been made by Jill. Additionally, both her methods of communicating acceptance were questionable given the means utilized by the original offeror, Alice, by electronic mail. In using the fax machine method of communication in accepting the offer, Jack had refrain from having his acceptance immediately communicated because the fax was to Alice's work place which means she would not have received it until she got to work at a later time. Therefore, this would have delayed Jack's acceptance of the offer, which Alice would have been expecting at a quicker time using the method she had used to communicate the offer, email.

    • Word count: 2590
  21. Actuarial Studies - Investment Policy and Calculation of Profit and Loss

    The total amount of aggregate claim in year t can be expressed as: Where N(t) = the number of claims at time t X(i,t) = the amount claimed by the ith claim at time t Each X(i,t) are independent log-normal variables with mean 20000 and variance 20000. Based on this data, the parameters of X(i,t) can be obtained which are ? = 9.903462553 and ? = (7.070979426 ? 10-3) 1 N(t) is distributed following a Poisson distribution with ? = 4.5. With the average number of claims given as 4.5 and expected amount of claim is 20000, so the analytical result of the expected aggregate claim is $90 000.2 However, in order to develop a more realistic approach, Microsoft Excel program is used to simulate 7000 random events.

    • Word count: 3432
  22. The media and negative teen and child behaviors

    Therefore we can say that aggression among teens is increased after being exposed to violent or s******y based media. These children learn when it is appropriate to behave a certain way and the consequences for their actions. Upon seeing an event whether depicted in the media or in real life, the person viewing is affected. The media can influence how someone deals with their issues throughout their daily lives. Nowadays schoolyard fistfights often are ending in gunshots. In recent years, a large number of school shootings have taken place in West Paducah, KY; Jonesboro, AR; Littleton, CO; and Bethel, Alaska, to name a few.

    • Word count: 2859
  23. Intro To Climatology

    The weather stations show relatively slow wind speeds across the British Isles with Hull having the strongest wind speed of 18 - 22 Knots. This is because of a higher pressure gradient force in this area shown by the isobars being closer together. North west and south west Ireland both have speeds of 13 - 17 Knots. The rest of England, Wales and Scotland have weak winds of only 8 - 12 Knots which is a typical trend of high pressure systems.

    • Word count: 1635
  24. Critically evaluate whether incidents of mercy killing should b prosecuted as murder or manslaughter in English criminal law?

    Euthanasia has been 'decriminalised' in some European countries, such as The Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland. As early as 1984, the Dutch Supreme Court declared that 'voluntary euthanasia' was 'acceptable', and in 2002, the Netherlands became the first EU country to legalise adult euthanasia. 'Physician-assisted suicide' is now practiced with increasing openness in the Netherlands. 'Assisted suicide' exists in Switzerland; legally condoned, it can be performed by non-physicians. Swiss law clearly decriminalises assisted suicide without the involvement of a doctor; this means that non-physicians can participate in assisted suicide. Though the issue remains controversial, many terminally ill foreigners, including Britons, now travel to Switzerland to commit suicide, taking advantage of the Swiss rules, which are among the worlds most liberal on assisted suicide.

    • Word count: 2468
  25. Theme of Tranformation in The Colour Purple and The Yellow Wallpaper

    Celie's transition from adolescence to adulthood the character associates biblical God with the men she knows. The trauma of the abuse endured by Celie causes further heartache as a grown woman. As such the oppressive view of men is developed in particular with the father figure in the novel. Celie begins to wonder if her father murdered her daughter who mysteriously vanished, beginning to associate God the Father with the murderer of her child. Celie replies 'God took it' (page 4) when her mother questions the whereabouts of the child. It is interesting to note the correlation Celie makes of God with fear and violence, mirroring her feelings of her father and that of her future husband.

    • Word count: 1846

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