Nastasia Garcia



What are advantages of becoming an expert in something? What are the disadvantages?

Of course, a person of expertise must be extremely knowledgeable in the field they are in.  Some do say that becoming an expertise comes from an innate place, while others believe that its practice that allows you to acquire this talent. This is the debate, is being an expert solely based on practice in order to build your skill in your field or is it based on your innate talent?

 It may not be as simple as we think. Some skills may require a little bit of both worlds.  Skills such language such as language acquisition (and many others) requires both innate capabilities and experience in order to become an experts.  The knowledge one uses to make wise judgments is necessarily a result of experience (Blates & Smith, 1990). For example in order to make wise decisions/judgment a person should have that necessary experience to do so.

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Needless to say there are many advantages in becoming an expert in your field.

For example, a person predictability skill is far greater than a novice. Expert typist move

their finger towards keys corresponding to the letters that they would need to type more

quickly than do novice typers (Norman & Rumelhart, 1983). Looking ahead is what allows you to have an advantage over a novice. Musicians and athletes acquire this advantage as well in order to anticipate their next notes and moves.

Another great advantage of an expertise is that they tend to think more systematically ...

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