Not only is communication involved in conveying information and influencing another throughout a relationship, Communication is the relationship. (Sundeen et al; 1994) Communication is a huge part of nursing care today. From the first contact with the Client until the end of treatment, communication is the key to understanding each other effectively and reaching any conclusions regarding the treatment of the client, which of course they must agree to and understand fully. Both the client and the student in the Scenario must communicate clearly their wishes, which by the end of the consultation should be the same thing, giving the result of an informed discussion between the client and the student.

 Through the use of my chosen Communication scenario I aim to show how important communication is in nursing to both the client and the student. I aim to do this through looking at all aspects of communication such as verbal; non-verbal and written, as well as the various concepts of nursing such as touch, empathy and reassurance and also by looking at the various ethical issues involved with the scenario such as consent and acting as the patients advocate and their right to refuse treatment. I will also look to identify where there is need for health promotion within the scenario and if educating people on the preventative measures that can be taken is effective and easily understood.

Through the use of effective and appropriate communication the student nurse should demonstrate some knowledge into the Flu jag in which she is trying to advocate to the patient.

The Scenario.

The scenario I have chosen centres on a client named Mrs Brown. (The name has been changed in accordance to NMC guidelines on confidentiality).

 Mrs Brown is a lady of 79 years and is a resident in the nursing home where the student is working on placement. Mrs brown has recently recovered from a sever chest infection and her G.P suggests that having the flu jag would be beneficial to her.

However for a number of reasons Mrs Brown believes she does not need preventative treatment and is refusing the immunisation offered to her. Mrs Brown’s reasons included; not believing she is at risk, she believes that the vaccine causes a form of the flu and has nasty side effects and finally she believes that its not very effective as a friend had the jag but still got the flu.

Mrs Brown’s G.P has asked the student nurse in her nursing home to have a chat with Mrs Brown regarding the flu jag and Mrs Browns concerns. The G.P believes that receiving the vaccine is in Mrs Browns best interests as it would help prevent the onset of another sever chest infection, which Mrs Brown has recently recovered from.

The Student prepared herself by looking into the flu jag using various literatures available to her and sets off to talk to the client. She is already familiar with the client as she has been in placement in the nursing home for a few weeks. The student assisted Mrs Brown to her room, which is an environment the client felt secure in and the student could be assured that there would be no disturbances.

The student listened carefully to Mrs Brown’s concerns and could ease them with the information she had gained on the subject. The student Chatted to Mrs Brown and pointed out that she was very much in the “At Risk” category for the flu as she lives in a residential home where the virus can spread quickly, she is over 65 and that she also has a history of chronic chest infections. The student informed Mrs Brown that the vaccine contains no living virus so cannot cause flu but there is some risk of side effects, which could include a sore arm and in rarer cases a slight temperature and aching muscles for a few days at most. (Flu can kill Leaflet July 2003)

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The student then Chatted to Mrs Brown about her friend who claimed to have the flu vaccine but still got flu. The student pointed out to Mrs Brown that the flu could still be caught but was in a much milder form. The student explained to Mrs Brown that the flu can be a fatal virus and anything that could be done to prevent seriousness of this level was surely worth considering. Mrs Brown still seemed sceptical.  


What is communication?


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