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My Autobiography

My Autobiography

As the hospital doors slammed shut the horrific smell of unwashed bodies came over me, almost making me choke in disgust. I was being cut off from the beautiful fresh air that I was born to live in. It was rather humid and I was finding it increasingly difficult to suck the oxygen into my body. The walls, the ceiling and the floor were all the same dull color. My hospital room was small; there was a window which was rather small. Rain was on the window pane I could only take two large strides before I reached the other side of this stinking cage. I could not even stand on my tiptoes or else I would bump my head on the ceiling. I looked up at the wall and saw it was nine o'clock, I was lying down on my leather bed, which was warm, and someone had already been here. I looked out the window and saw plants in the hospital garden which were brown, they looked scary against the prison walls, and they just hung, wilted, for no reason. A nurse then came too me and put me to sleep by using the hospital gas, which was uncomfortable by the way but I wasn’t going to say anything I was already in enough trouble with my mum already and I differently didn’t want to make the situation any worse so I just sat waiting for the gas too take affect and put me too sleep. I've never felt this way before, sad and glum. Then it hit me what the fuck was I doing here!? If only I wasn’t that stupid enough to go bike riding and trust Paul, who Paul do you ask? Well let me tell you the whole story from the begging.

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It all happened when I was about eleven years old, a few days after my birthday on a sunny Saturday morning. My friend Paul knocks at my house he said get your bike so I ask my mum if I could take it out, bad decision. So I went out, about four hours later Paul decides he wants to tease me so me being me couldn't ignore him and chased him on my bike. I was just about to catch him when I went over a curb. The bike and me flew up in the air and somersaulted, I ...

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