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                Boud et al (1985) suggested / stated that reflection in the context of learning is a generic for those intellectual and effective activities in which individuals engage to explore their experiences in order to lead to a new understanding and experience.

UKCC (1992) Code of Professional Conduct:

Clause 1: Act always in such a way so as to promote and safeguard the well-being of the patient and the client.

Clause 4: Ensure that no action or omission on your part or within your sphere of responsibility is detrimental to the interests, condition or the safety of the patient and the client.

        The author is going to use The Gibbs Reflective Cycle to help her in the process of reflection, as reflection can be a difficult experience without the guidance and support of an expert.

Description of Incident

                We were told in our class that there was a group presentation being held and each of the student had to make a group, choose a subject and do research on that subject. Me and my group  partner met each other and decided on a subject on which we could  prepare a presentation of 500 words and also write an essay of 2500 words. But my group partner had an operation the following week which made it impossible for her to come to the library and do any research at all. When I came to know this, I got worried and told my tutor about this, but my tutor told me to carry on with my research myself. After doing my bit of research, I called up my partner on her mobile and asked her if we should go for pre-operative visiting as or topic for the presentation. I also told her that I had started to do the research on the topic. But it was not possible at all. She lived very far from my place which made meeting , taking suggestions and communicating effectively with her even more difficult. At last I had to work on the whole project alone. It was just a week preceding our presentation that we could meet. I had a small bit of work left which I discussed with my partner in the library. It was the day before the presentation that she gave me a surprise by adding a video tape which made my presentation go well.

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                I felt disappointed and helpless. I felt that I have been left on my own and that I was not getting any support and help which I expected from being working in a group, as my colleague herself had fallen sick. Both my colleague and myself had a feeling of helplessness and irritation which was beginning to get really annoying. The initial stages of this incident engendered an awareness of uncomfortable thoughts and feelings. Boyd and Fales (1983) describe this stage as a sense of inner discomfort. While Schon (1983) calls it an experience of surprise.        




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